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Weekly Schedule - 10/21 - 10/27

Can someone remind me what the other events’ rewards were for the end-of-the-month event?
I presume we need those dinosaurs in order to take part.

If you already own the creature, can you skip this event and still take part in end of month event?

That is the assumption.

Kentosaurus, Aerotan, Eryops, and then the scag

Interestingly, each of these four creatures (representing every class except carnivores) has no hybrid that I’m aware of. I’ve no desire for yet another hybrid, but it is an observation. Not sure how it will affect what is usually a boss fight with Alpha 06 (the Halloween event). Particularly given that it’s unrealistic to expect most players to have Kentrosaurus or Eryops, considering only “1%” of players unlocked or earned it.


Kentrosaurus, Eyrops, Aerotitan, and now Scaphognathus


As other have mentioned it is Kentrosaurus, Aerotitan, Eyrops, and now Scaphognathus You can also check [News] Jurassic World: The Game | Looking Ahead: October 2019 where we have been updating the first post with each event as they come.

Does anyone have some insight on what the format of the end of the month event will be? Is this the first of it’s kind? I’m mostly wondering if I should have multiples of these dinos. I have a level 40 of each, but curious if I should have maybe 2 or 3 of each. Any ideas?

Generally it has been a 1-on-1 battle so any level was fine.

I still am confused about whether you actually have to DO the event, if you already own all of these dinos. The wording on the banners of “prepare for this month’s special event by getting x” would seem to imply you don’t actually have to do them if you already HAVE that dino… which has been the case for similar events where specific dinos you got in the previous tournament were needed.

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What kind of reward is anybody guessing it will be?

I don’t think you have to do the event. It would mean that they track them for everyone what they wont do.

Well it certainly would be possible to code something like that into the game though. I do doubt they would do that, when it’s not how it has been done before…and I would hope they would be lot clearer about such a requirement.

We are going to find out very soon.


Thanks for the replies guys. I don’t have an Eryops in any case so I won’t be taking part.

I don’t really want to bother with the next part of the event for a creature I already have. I have just read there are 2 ways of completing it, one of which is not guaranteed to give the creature. I am hoping it will be fairly balanced or that if I don’t do it I will still be ok to do the final part using the creature I already have. I don’t think it is very clear.

Hello Badgerzzz,
To take part in the end of month event, all you need is to have is: One Aerotitan, One Scaphognathus, One Kentrosaurus and One Eryops.

The Gyrosphere does have two options to choose from: 3 battles which if won gives you a chance at a scaphognathus or 7 battles which if won guarantees a scaphognathus.


@Keith Will there be an opportunity to buy these creatures?

I don’t have a Kentro… I have the other 3.

Hi Trexy,
I am told players will have a chance to purchase their missing creatures sometime before the event ends.

Replied to myself by accident and cant delete.

Thank you for replying and clarifying.

When does the VIP tournament start? I have the gyrosphere and normal events but nothing about the tournament.