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Weekly Schedule - 10/21 - 10/27

It’s showing now. It was when I checked earlier this morning

This is the first 3 day VIP tournament to exist. We are in uncharted territory here.

Typically the one day VIP tournaments are fairly easy (relatively speaking) when compared to what a standard tournament needs as far as trophies go if you were to equate the daily requirement to reach dominator in each.

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100 dinobucks for a Scaphognathus. I don’t think that’s worth the effort particularly since you do not have to complete the gyrosphere event, you only have to posses one.


The Gyrosphere event is not worth doing if you already have the Scaphognathus, wich i assume most of us do.
100 bucks for some DNA and a Scaphog is just not a good deal


@Keith I was wondering if you already have all five dinosaurs do you need to compete in the Gyrosphere event and could you also let me know why this Gyrosphere is stuck here are some pictures of what I’m asking about thanks in advance for any help you can give

Per @Keith above, you just need a copy of the creature. You do not have to win it in the specific event


Hi Lora, you just need to have the 4 creatures, preferably battle ready. As for being stuck, you will need to contact and they will look into it.

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@Andy_wan_kenobi thanks for the help I appreciate it

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I have same issue on my second account.

I am not submitting a ticket due to not wanting to message support caused by recent experience.

How much douse the granted scap cost

I did the gyrosphere event yesterday, don’t know why. It was a mixture of boredom and curiosity most probably.
Very tough opponents from the beginning, as consequence I lost the last fight. But nevertheless I got the top prize. Well, it’s not worth its name.
My recommendation to everyone who already has the scaphognatus is not to do the event. There are far better ways to spend 100 dinobucks.


So it’s 100 for both?

That’s what it says.
The number of fights you have to win are different and in one event you only have a 4% chance to get the scaphognatus.

I did the gyrosphere… but I was actually on the mission where it required getting prizes from 3 gyrosphere things. So I just used it for that… then 100 was cheaper than the 250 they each would normally have been. But I guess that only works if you’re already at that particular mission.


For the Size Doesn’t Matter mission today… I’m stuck on the second one - with the carnivore and need to use herbivores. Does anyone have a suggestion? It’s typically one that I just skip after a couple super failed attempts, but I’ve seen great advice for other missions on here before!

I had no problem with that because I have a lvl 30 Segnosuchus. I built up 8 reserves with my first two dinos and my Segnosuchus was able to finish.
If you don’t have one you could try the old ‘boss strategy’, but I’m not sure if it will work.


That’s basically how I handled it as well. I used two pretty weak dinos in the first two spots, since I didn’t have anything that could take even a single hit from the one the AI put up. So first one reserved 1 point and got killed by AI with its 2 hits. Second dino, reserve one, block 2, AI hit with 2. Then could do the 4 reserve, AI hit with 3, that gave my final dino which was my top herbivore the full 8 point attack which was more than enough to take him out.

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Sounds like I need to invest in upgrading my Segnosuchus. Thank you!

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It’s like the old boss strategy with your first dinosaur reserve the first then it will kill your first dinosaur with the second dinosaur block with two with your third move block with three from that point forward just always block with three reserve until you have eight in reserve use three to block and hit with five continue the same over and over until you kill the dinosaur easy way to get past this dinosaur

Tried that twice… they kept doing 3 attack, then save 1 for reserve and then attack with 5. Oh well. Not a huge deal. Thank you for your help though!