Weekly Schedule - 10/21/2019 - 10/27/2019

A relaxing weekend for all non VIPs next week. The tournament is VIP only.


But three days



A gyrosphere event? Hope it’s good

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Does anyone know more info on the month end thing for completing the star icon events?

Looks like they are trying to make this coming weekend hard for vip with a three day tournament and the Gyrosphere event three days does anyone know anything about the Gyrosphere event I have only played a couple of the regular one

The tournament and the gyrosphere event could be four days as well.


Will be curious to see what this special Gyrosphere event is. Not thrilled at how little information Ludia has provided in regards to what the “special” event is going to be and whether you have to do more than just participate in the starred events (which is ALL that the initial post said). I haven’t done a gyrosphere since I first started playing (and stupidly wasted some of my first DBs on one, not knowing how hard they were to get!) but at least I’m much better at the dino charge so hopefully will do better this time around.

And once again, TONS of stuff packed on Fri-Sun with Wed-Thurs having so little. This schedule is getting so boring and predictable too in terms of what we are going to have. And VIPs have no less than SIX things on the schedule for Saturday! At least the Gyrosphere probably is something you can knock off at anytime and doesn’t use up your dinos. Did we really need ANOTHER dino charge the same week though?? Sigh.

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Oh come on @Mary_Jo, don’t you like surprises? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Mary_Jo I still can’t get into the game after the forced fix I was wondering if you are having the same problem

it was working and then its gone bust again

Still crashing on all my devices, Android and iOS both.

Why do I have it again

Monday’s events were reinstated so that people who were prevented from playing due to the glitch might complete the events.

So the gyrosphere event if for a Scaphognathus? Don’t think I’ll be doing that one lol.

Just remember that this is the 4th key to the end-of-month event, whatever that is

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Can someone remind me what the other events’ rewards were for the end-of-the-month event?
I presume we need those dinosaurs in order to take part.

If you already own the creature, can you skip this event and still take part in end of month event?

That is the assumption.

Kentosaurus, Aerotan, Eryops, and then the scag

Interestingly, each of these four creatures (representing every class except carnivores) has no hybrid that I’m aware of. I’ve no desire for yet another hybrid, but it is an observation. Not sure how it will affect what is usually a boss fight with Alpha 06 (the Halloween event). Particularly given that it’s unrealistic to expect most players to have Kentrosaurus or Eryops, considering only “1%” of players unlocked or earned it.