Weekly Schedule 10/26/2020-11/01/2020

Sooooo we’re entering November, folks! :raised_hands:t4: Needless to say, Jurassic World : The Game has made our year more cheerful in it’s own beautiful way. From Allonogmius and Glythronax to Parasaurolophus Gen 2 and Sphenacodon along with a stop at the long-awaited (and long-necked!) Brachiosaurus’ station, The Game gave us loads of fun.

In a few days, it’ll be a full year since the absolutely amazing desicion of locking most of the base creatures, some without unlock events, took place.

Unlocks :
Monday – Bonitasaura/Ankylosaurus
Thursday — Mauisaurus/Kaiwhekea

Tournament : Yes
Boss : Yes
Gyrosphere : Yes

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