Weekly Schedule 10/26/2020 - 11/01/2020

So, if I am looking the schedule over right, that means we’ll have a tournament at the same time as a Boss (yay for DNA).

The Boss looks to be T-Rex/Carnivore, right?

Which I guess that means grind the tournament hard Friday/Saturday so my amphibians are free to smash the Boss Sunday. Or get use to Bird/Carno/Bird lines ups for the tournament.

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I think as it’s a new creature, and also an amphibian I will be putting 100 percent effort into the tournament this weekend, once I’ve got a healthy score by Saturday then I will tackle the boss with my high end creatures I think.

Maybe they will lower the boss score considering that theres a tournament going on at the same time?

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I normally push 2000 trophies by Saturday morning.

I prefer to nerf my line ups and make them super deep. (First was L40 T-Rex, now it is around L20 VIP.)

The past couple of tournaments, I only used Monostega-Presto-Proc (they never loose as a L20 Presto can 2 shot just about any carno you’ll see in Dom). I have 5x of these teams (it takes 10x Monos as they have double the cool down). I like crushing the Indoraptors I keep seeing at the top of Dom vs writing those battles off.

Now, I’ll have to go all out Friday night and Saturday morning unless I take Friday off so I can battle all morning too. Hmmmm. Maybe I should take Friday off of work.

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@Aether_12 I think I need to use lower creature to do side mission , some damage mission and keep high ferocity dinosaurs to do only damage mission after I secure Dominator ( after 2 day pass).

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That kind of planning was why I choose to nerf my dinos around the general VIP L20 area. It keeps them at 10hour cool downs, so I can still use them twice a day.

Once you get past 18 hour-ish cool downs, you have to plan more and/or battle as a more consistent time every days.

I’m not even sure how 1.5 day + cool down dino trainers do it. Just a crap ton of dinos? (They don’t typically use the super big dinos for tournaments… not sure about Bosses…)

Great idea… I would do this but I’ve had too much time off lately :joy:

I’m finding dimetrocarnus of great help in my tournament runs now, my lineup is quite deep but still needs some work done to it, I have just made the transition to level 21 vips and around that ferocity I’m starting to find these very op for dominator, so I will usually use 2 of these and cannon fodder, sometimes 1 to maximise trophies

I need to lower trophies from 2500 to 2000 for finishing boss event and tournament.

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Yes I’m going to aim for over 2,000 trophies will get there by saturday and then I will start doing the damage missions for the boss.

I’m usually more strapped for time over the weekend cos of work which is annoying so if I dont have the time then tournament will be my top priority and may have to skip the boss for now.

I won’t use any of my PvE creatures on the boss until probably Saturday night. Sunday is usually a day where they are not needed based on the events on that day. My PvE creatures are almost never used in tournaments.

This is the benefit of having very deep groupings throughout my lineup.


What’s the main attraction for doing the bosses? Just the DNA from the objectives?

Yep, lots of DNA, normally more than 10K DNA total if you do all of the missions. And a side dish of SDNA too.


Hmm. Well my entire lineup is still less than 3 hours cooldown so I can spam away boss battles. Not to mention for the past few tournaments I’ve been getting brick walled super hard after my first run on the first day so I’ll have a few hours to not do tournament battles anyways

And a shiny statue, this time of a T-rex guarding a jack-o-lantern

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You can’t individually get that. That is a community achievement. Whether you do 1 damage or 1,000,000 damage, it is given equally.

True, but it’s still an incentive to participate, even if only once


If my iPad would work, I could have done some modded pvp.

When is the new schedule coming out?

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@Ironman4life I think about at least 30 mins from now (lastest post)

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