Weekly schedule 11/09/2020 - 11/15/2020

Nothing to achieve this week atleast for me :joy: But @Aether_12


They seriously need to change their current rotation thing. Cause it’s just been the same creatures for so many times


I understand they want new players to unlock those dinos but its being really irritating for players who have unlocked them already. Why don’t they change once in a while?


Psephoderma hasn’t been available to high level players since 6/17/19. But on the Monday unlock, no one would disagree with you


Yeah i completely forgot about psephoderma because i had it unlocked. Didn’t know it was locked for high level players…

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Nothing we can do but take it tho. So … since we have nothing to do this week … what all should I do ?? … I was thinking fusing to get Indo Tommorow after tournament … working to get ankylodocus … Buying 2 diplo and a grypo in the discount and if I get the ankylodocus unlocked. . love of them too… Sounds pretty good to me . What say?

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I don’t think it’s true actually cause I have psephoderma unlocked and I’m 61 rn and I’m pretty sure I unlocked it around lvl 55+

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@Aether_12 Looks like you’re going to get Psephoderma unlocked this week


Yeah do what you want this week is dedicated for you to do your work haha. And yeah sounds pretty good but don’t get indominus to 20.

Ok bye see ya tomorrow good night.


Don’t get Indo to level 20… Why tho?

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I think Thursday’s unlock will make some people very happy

The tournament suggests Savannah to me, which would be Kelenken, Gastornis, or Urtinotherium

Edit: Didn’t see the VIP tag at first. So that would suggest Procoptodon or Brontotherium


Should i delete mine andy?

Nah, the Mods will merge them

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Your lineup isn’t ready for an Indominus level 20, unless you have made big changes to it in the past couple of days.

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Well. How far out there is a Indo let’s say level 11+ then a rexy lvl 40?

While I don’t have exact stats for the Indominus level 11, I do know that Indominus Gen 2 level 11 has a ferocity of 4587.4, and the Indominus is just at a lower ferocity than that, while a rex level 40 is at about 3500 ferocity

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Low level players have had multiple opportunities (at least 6 in the last year) to unlock Psephoderma. Nothing above level 59 until you go back to June 2019.


Will see how it goes … will buy one in the discount for later anyway

It’s a VIP tournament, isn’t that usually for a VIP creature?