Weekly Schedule - 11/1/2021- 11/7/2021

An amphibian?

Edit: i think its eryops


My inner deeper voice with a naive tone tells me that we might be getting closer and closer to our most desired amphibian hybrid within every tourney.

Up with the one that recently released, maybe just maybe…

Ok I’m pushing the off button of my dreaming mode.



It’s not Eryops i think. Maybe new amphybian?

And when i first saw it I’ve thought it could be grypo because of similar picture. But its not! I have no idea what this could be :thinking:


I hope it’s gryposuchus. But i also hope it’s Proterogyrhinus or kaprosuchus gen 2


Does COT not start this week? Seems odd to me because it’s the beginning of a new month…

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I want proterogyrinus, Gryposuchus, or Kapro g2, that are my fav. amphibians, all locked and i will maxing them when i unlocked them, but this is new one I hope he will be nice as these three + there still no oficial 55 update maybe this new week will come and this is new creature or new gen 2


Kapro g2


Ohohoo yes plsss

I am hoping for anything, everything would make me happy, but kapro gen2 or gryphon would be pretty cool

Maybe it’s Purussaurus? :man_shrugging:


I’m placing bets on a new amphibian the iconography is new, purussaur would be good.


Who knows. No matter if returning or new a amphibian tourney is always nice. Perhaps tomorrow we get update 55 patches so we could learn the identity of our amphibian


The schedule above shows the new Clash of Titans starting tomorrow


2 days without any specific events ( except for the regular ones) . if only there were some locked base creatures for many players then we could have had some unlock event.

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My bet for those two empty days is when they will release the update. They are likely building in time for everyone to download and for Ludia to deal with any “unexpected” issues (although issues when updates are released should not be unexpected at this point).

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It’s probably Secodontosaurus. Same background.


Ok, I’ve been doing some more research and Gryposuchus, Eryops, Proterogyrinus and Secodontosaurus has shared this same background at least once, so expect one of them to be the chosen one.


Oh I see it now thanks!

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Nooooo… Gryptosuchus is better!

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Why so light? I mean nothing but the usual dailies ob Tuesday Wednesday. What gives?

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Proterogyrinus would be my choice as it’s still locked for me. But I’m always after the new releases in hope for a new amphibian hybrid.

My line up has come to a certain level but I’m still hesitant to go for an IRap while the only option is Gorgosuchus and its sad attacking stats. Can not rely on that, plus it is not so cheap when you consider to go all for it.

Have made a jump already, gonna wait for a while cumulating DNAs and hoping for our new hero to step forward after this long waiting for years.

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