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Weekly Schedule 11/11 - 11/17

Next week’s schedule of events

Two unlock events for those above level 30 and a tournament. Other than the tournament, the week looks pretty light, and that is not a complaint


Oh my I need bonitasaura


Sigh. Instead of unlocks for aquatics or cenos I actually need we get Ankylosaurus?? I get that some players may now need unlocks for ones removed from the missions, but come on… that should be an event for a month or so in the future, not immediately. Versus ones that have not been included for months and months and months and are needed for hybrid making. (Geosaurus not being one of those either!)

And am I the only one frustrated that now Ludia seems to be reducing the number of events with Golden Pack rewards??? As far as I can tell, the only one in the whole week is the mod event (possibly two…not sure about More Teeth)… since the Dino Charge is now low levels only. It seems that reducing chances at getting LPs has become a target along with the reduction of DBs. I’d been noticing this with the PvPs as well which have long since ceased to be a great way to farm more LPs as a benefit of the VIP membership. Just one more thing that is going to make me think twice about renewing when the time comes. If there’s so few ways to earn LPs, what’s the point??

Bonitasaurus, the original “good dinosaur.” :sauropod:


Do the Ankylosaurus event. I got 500 dino bucks from the pack, and it wasn’t very hard.


I felt cheated. Was supposed to get one of each of the Card 3 possibilities, according to these numbers. :grinning:

Can’t complain too much though… I got 750 DBs from the pack!


@Mary_Jo @elliana

I was underwhelmed by this event at first also and it ended up treating me very well. I guess I owe Anky an apology. :laughing:

@Andy_wan_kenobi I definitely agree with you, about the events being a bit lighter, I decided to forgo the events on Sunday to focus completely on the tournament. Plus I couldn’t defeat the one prior (Curse the modded Pterosaurs), and I usually do every one so I feel like I have unfinished business. :upside_down_face:

Curious about the tournament this weekend, I always look forward to the reveal.


I spent a lot of work in the last few weeks to be better prepared for this event. I’ve brought a 2nd Suprannotitan and a 2nd Spinoraptor to level 40 and what was the reaction of the AI. It made the event even harder.
It started all three fights with a lvl 40 Spinatosuchus, so that I could not use my Kaprosuchus as meat shield. Furthermore it refused to attack my meat shield in the second fight which I lost once as consequence. Now I’m exhausted after 2 fights.
I could wait for some cooldowns but unfortunately this will be tomorrow at noon with very little time remaining in this event. I will be at work at that time where I can’t play.

I want to use the opportunity to thank Ludia for showing me once again how they worship experienced players, by making things incredibly unfair. Sometimes I can understand why people turn their back on the game.


Week in and week out, my toughest event. My round one AI was sneaky the first go round as well


When did you make the level 40 Monostegotops? Was that recently or have you had it for a while you do have a 33% swing from that to your level 20 Mono. The match up you show has a 12.3% disadvantage to you before you take into account the fact that you have class disadvantage. I will be doing this event shortly and hoping the extra lvl 40 Spinoraptor will help that I have created since the last time this event happened.

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I had a bit different lineup in the first round, making that relatively easy to win but this looks very similar to my second one, with three Spinatosuchus to face… and mine too didn’t attack at all on my meat shield, but thankfully I was still able to win with only the 2 points of reserve, even though it continually kept points in reserve. The changes to the AI combined with the lineup of so many of these Spinos, which players cannot possibly have enough of to counter, and the lack of a hybrid amphi as well makes it really seem like Ludia is trying to make players have to spend DBs in order to win these DBs. I know while I haven’t yet failed to complete this event, it’s only because I’ve kept my super hybrids not higher than lvl 10 and so my CDs are low enough for them to be used several times throughout the day. We shouldn’t have to do that for just a PvE event!


I have the the lvl 40 Monostegotops for months.
I’ve made a second lvl 40 Metrialong a few weeks ago, the 2nd Spinoraptor two weeks ago and the 2nd Suprannnotitan last week after I faced this event the last time.
The overall lineup did not become harder but until now I had at least in two fights weaker opponents in the first slot. So I could use a Kaprosuchus to build up reserves for the rest of my team. If he always starts with a lvl 40 Spinatosuchus I do no longer have that option.

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Here is my fight for funds event today:

The fight for funds has become very easy for me

I’m going to watch it tomorrow. Maybe you give me some new insights.

So what’s it gonna be? Ambassador, movie director, influencer, all of it?


Lol, maybe he is now part of the “they” people refer to. As in, “they are watching!”

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All I can say is if @Tommi is complaining about something, Ludia really should pay attention. Now if it was me…


Yeah, that Hilfiger chap named Tommy was German too, was t he? :sunglasses:


Not part of the they, I am part of the “We” still. I am hoping that I will be able to help give input that is gathered from the forums to help inform the powers that be on the forum about how the player base is feeling about items within the game. I will have to see how this role unfolds and what help I will be able to give.


@Tommi, I recall the Ambassador mentioned some time ago that, for the Dino Bucks event, as intimidating as opponents seem to be, they often revert to the old boss mode of hitting no more than 3. That was how I won one of the rounds this morning, when things looked bleak and I was down to my final dino facing 2 opposing ones. Saved up to 8 moves, reserve 1, block 3, 4 attack to overcome opponent’s 1 block, then brace to survive a potential 4-hit from the next. I only have one 40 supranotitan, but got two weaker 40 spinoraptors that’re strong enough to work. Or maybe you leveled up too quickly again with the monostegos.

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