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Weekly Schedule 11/11 - 11/17

Hi @Tommi, the team is showing the missions on their devices, can you close and reopen your device and see if it appears?


Unfortunately it does not appear, but I have to say that I already completed the event. I’m afraid that even if it would have helped the system may now have no reason to show me the mission. It may think that I already collected it.

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Hmm. Check your in-game mailbox, you should have your rewards waiting for you :slight_smile:


Hmm. Got it, very good service from the entire team and notably fast.
Thank you very much @Keith.
But it’s interesting, how can you conclude from my nickname in this forum to my game account?


I got the email thank you @Keith for the quick response. I had restarted my device before the previous post I did and it did not help.


Thanks for taking care of this, @Keith


It’s @Sionsith, he really is one of the “they”!!!:slightly_smiling_face:

I think they sent it to everyone, lol.

Anyone know what the tourney creature is for tomorrow? I don’t have FB so I usually don’t know until the day of



It’s also on our Twitter page here, EorlundGraymane91:



Thanks @Ned and @Potato! I didn’t know it was on Twitter. Much easier to keep track off


Video for today:


Does anybody know when the announced week with special daily rewards for VIPs is going go start, respectively at what time they will be delivered?

It already has. Have you not been getting the daily rewards in your in-game mail?

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I got some SDNA yesterday headed ‘Thank you for your patience’.
I did not know for what that was for, but because of the header I did not relate this to the VIP rewards announcement.

Until now I got nothing today.

I have also received nothing so far today, I am not sure it has started yet.

I’ve been getting those sDNA rewards at least several times this week. Wasn’t everyone (VIPs that is)? And yes, haven’t seen them today.

There were two for the VIP Events plus one yesterday. That’s all I’ve seen

there were two earlier in the week due to the VIP exclusive event not showing up in the daily SDNA completion reward option, I am not sure if yesterday was a hold over from that same issue.

I think the reason I got confused is the first one showed up twice for me… but realizing now that was probably due to switching devices… sometimes things in the game will pop up again when I change to the other device (like all my paddocks in the park needing collecting again).