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Weekly Schedule 11/11 - 11/17



It’s also on our Twitter page here, EorlundGraymane91:



Thanks @Ned and @Potato! I didn’t know it was on Twitter. Much easier to keep track off


Video for today:


Does anybody know when the announced week with special daily rewards for VIPs is going go start, respectively at what time they will be delivered?

It already has. Have you not been getting the daily rewards in your in-game mail?

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I got some SDNA yesterday headed ‘Thank you for your patience’.
I did not know for what that was for, but because of the header I did not relate this to the VIP rewards announcement.

Until now I got nothing today.

I have also received nothing so far today, I am not sure it has started yet.

I’ve been getting those sDNA rewards at least several times this week. Wasn’t everyone (VIPs that is)? And yes, haven’t seen them today.

There were two for the VIP Events plus one yesterday. That’s all I’ve seen

there were two earlier in the week due to the VIP exclusive event not showing up in the daily SDNA completion reward option, I am not sure if yesterday was a hold over from that same issue.

I think the reason I got confused is the first one showed up twice for me… but realizing now that was probably due to switching devices… sometimes things in the game will pop up again when I change to the other device (like all my paddocks in the park needing collecting again).

On your videos… something that I would love to see is someone going through the use of the different types of mods (mainly the rare and above) and how those actually work in practice. I still am not really sure how some of these work, as the description alone often leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Like Shuffle. Not that I intend to use it much but does it shuffle yours with your opponents? Or does it just shuffle each players separately? that kind of thing. And then there’s ones like Adrenaline Rush that actually keeps working after the AI gets killed. That’s something you would NEVER know until you see it happen.


Latest Video:


Ha, that was pretty funny you had that one ready to go after my comment. Definitely is good to see things that DON’T work as much as battles that go smoothly. Glad I wasn’t the only one that has trouble with these mod events although I did get through this one okay. And so agree with your comment about not playing mad. I’ve had to learn that lesson myself. From one of my favorite movies:



Probably a good thing I didn’t record the audio as I was doing that video, there was some frustration that built on frustration.


Great video. Those are the toughest events and the most fun in my opinion. Great incites and narration on your use of mods. Thanks!

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The infinity stage battles are at times challenging and fun. I think it’s one I look forward to most. The added complexity of mod events are fun too.

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Been there, done that. I believe I let loose on some of it myself last week with the ptero event.

Now the challenge will be to see if you can do these using only common or rare mods for us newer players that try to conserve these much more pricey mods! :slight_smile:

I love the infinity ones too. Miss having them now that I have game levels to complete again, but I had planned to not try and “cheat” my way through those with lots of buying and selling of decorations, but take my time with them. But since I’m also stuck on a game mission I don’t expect to do anytime soon (level 31+ I-Rex or an Indoraptor) I may give in because I am REALLY missing that daily battle.

I’ve kind of learned to appreciate doing the mod ones, at least the PvE ones aren’t nearly as arbitrary as PvPs are. Those I don’t know that I’ll ever like even though I’ve resigned myself to doing them every day (and STILL continuing to NOT get the sDNA rewards I’m mainly doing them for… 3 of the 4 I did today I got a dino reward).

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