Weekly Schedule - 11/25/2019 - 12/1/2019

Curious to see what the tourney creature is. And if Gen 2 Fury will have more Gen 2 creatures


Tournament and Boss using Jurassic creatures? Humbug

Hi all,
Thoughts on the new layout? We did it this way due to the number of events on Thursday.


That’s a ridiculously busy Thanksgiving! No family time, only game time😊

Only 1 cenezoic event all week?


I don’t mind it. Makes sense why you did it

I like this new layout and it definitely makes since with so much on Thursday

This is much better than the old one.


I like the layout, only suggestion is make the level font larger, when looking at it on a phone it can be very small. I know you can click on the picture and zoom in, but it would be nice if that step didn’t need to be taken.

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It is gonna be a too busy week …

There are so many things I am so excited for but can’t play as I forgot to bring my phone to where I am now

Happy to have a second T-Rex gen 2 from today!

Finally got a hand on t-rex2, which was not possible last month because of unavailability of the single herbivore, which I didn’t receive even after spending 3800 DBs for getting a chance to receive it.

Only one cenezoic event this week and that after all the adjustments they made to them lately.
That’s very odd.

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Maybe they are giving us more time to get our Cenezoic lineups redone after the shakeup? That’s my first thought, but no clue if it’s right.

@Keith I really like the new layout. Unfortunately I don’t think I will be able to complete all the events on Thursday though, preparing dinner for 15 family members! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


I am very happy too have a Gen 2 Rex, even though he is of not much aid at the moment. Super curious what the second Gen 2 fury will be, another Rex? Or perhaps a new creature? Wishful thinking maybe. :grinning:

The new gen 2 is a velosiraptor


Well that didn’t take long. Helicoprion is one of just a couple of aquatic unlocks I don’t have yet…and because they have them separated by park level…I can’t get it!

@Ned - Why is an aquatic that has not been available to unlock for so long being restricted by level??? While the other one is much more recent and anyone at that park level should have it already (Kaiwhekea was done last month…Helicoprion not since Feb!) This is VERY frustrating how you all are separating these out when some of us may have maxed our parks but not played long enough to unlock all the cenos and aquatics yet, in a way that we can’t get the ones we still need. I hope this is not by design but just an oversight.


FYI, this week’s Community Event is to feed creatures. So, make sure you hatch or fuse something out and feed it to qualify. If you’ve got all of your hatcheries and fusion chambers working on long-time creatures, you may want to use a speed up to make sure you participate


You guys know what this means… GEN 2 INDOMINUS IS COMING :fire::scream: