Weekly Schedule - 11/30/2020 - 12/6/2020

Bracketed tournament this weekend. We’ll see what that means.


I Hope that tournament is not a new dinosaur


We need unlocks for creatures we already have in the game


How many tournaments are we gonna have. I’m not complaining because I’m 60+ but that means 6 tournament creatures (including metriacanthosaurus)

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Ayyyy there we go

I predicted a bracketed tournament 2 weeks ago. It’s finally here. Luckily I won’t be able to level to 60 before this weekend so I’ll have a cakewalk, nice


Ludia doesn’t want to bore us

Oh this is actually gonna be a squeeze. I have 16 days to level from level 57 and a quarter to level 60. Ugh

Do you think this tournament is for a new creature ?

@Andy_wan_kenobi what is the difference between a tournament and a bracketed tournament ?

And how do they work ?

In a bracketed tournament, players are split into divisions based on their level. The level limit is usually 59- and 60+ if I’m not wrong. Players in different divisions get different rewards. I believe it’s usually both give a tourney pack for Dom but only 60+ division also gives unlock. Battles in the lower division are ridiculously easy, DinosaursRCool and me were 1v3ing with commons in Dominator. Battles in the upper division are insanely hard. I heard it took VIP 20s just to get out of Hunter or something.


But as i’m stupid !!! I remember those tournaments !!! We always had several of them !!!

My memory is getting weak !!! Better to see a doctor :rofl::rofl::rofl: i’m laughing now

So It must not be a new creature, It must be a creature that we already have in the game

I mean they also have not hinted at a new dino incoming so yes this has to be an existing one.


And also if It was a tournament for a new creature, they wouldn’t do that type of tournament, on the contrary, they would give the opportunity for everyone to be able to unlock It, not just high level players

I hope Bracket tournament creature is Amargasaurus.


Since I won’t be level 60 by this tournament, is it a good idea to just trade off whatever tourney I get for resources? A tourney 10 isn’t going to help me at all (unless it’s Aquatic or Cenozoic of course) and DB, DNA, even food and coins would help me a lot more IMO.

I hope it’s Parasaurolophus Gen 2 or Brachiosaurus

Or dracorex