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Can’t speak for @Mary_Jo, but for me, a Modded tournament where I absolutely had to get a win

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Yes exactly. Unlike the modded PvPs (at least as has previously been the case) where the mods seems to be more likely to match the level of the ones you put up, the tournaments in the past have been packed with SR and legendary mods at the Dominator level… often stacking them to completely nerf your team. Thankfully they seem to have backed off the frequency of mod tournaments but I’ve definitely been hanging onto ones like Terrify and Inspire that I have in fairly limited quantities for when they do show up again. The more they add new mods like Shuffle though, I’m beginning to think there’s just no useful strategy to combat the AI in the PvPs any more, it just becomes more and more total random chance, and increasingly I end up on the losing end as a result. Which is one reason I have disliked them from the start, but increasingly so with every addition of new ones, often before I’ve even had a chance to TRY the previous ones. Particularly as much as Ludia still continues to manipulate the game to try and force players to use them more, such as the only decent prizes in the PvE being on the mod event, or nerfing the prizes on the regular PvPs so much there’s no point in even doing them.

I look forward to the day where my coin production might be good enough to dump all mods too. For now though, particularly since I am usually doing coin-for-dino trades with one of my custom trades every day, I need to keep a solid stash of them.

I consider Bleed the poor (or stingy) man’s Toxin (women are rich, always). :sunglasses:
For what it’s worth, I try to match opposing Survival with a Bleed.


That’s an interesting idea! I don’t often find a use for Bleed so have quite a few of those I could use.

I’m also a fan of the new Tough Skin, which forces opponent to hesitate when able to whack me with a whammy. Some MODs, I simply don’t understand, like Siphon Bite and the legendary Regenerate. I’ve faced those several times, and I KO the opponents before I even have the chance to see what they do. They’re trophies on my MOD shelves, though. :nerd_face:

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I reduced my MODs significantly wondering the same thing. I was getting a ton of trades for my mods and they weren’t great.

I believe my trades improved quite a bit after that. I get way less mod trade offers now.

Now I keep a low level of ‘better’ mods for events and buy any I need for daily modded PvP matches.

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I am SO FRUSTRATED at this game right now!! I made two more attempts at this last round, and failed both AGAIN, in spite of using ever better mods. Mainly because I simply do not have a lot of experience using these pricey mods that change the battle so much and how the AI behaves as a result… because both of them were totally winnable if I’d played it differently. So wasted all that time and effort and my carefully saved mods for nothing because I am NOT paying for cooldowns… only to possibly screw up and lose again. Days like this make me wonder why I put myself through this…

We don’t grow with our success but with our fails.:wink:


I’ve got a bit longer of a response to a few comments in here… hopefully some are helpful.

For the Survival mod point… if you have Bleed on when you knock its health completely out, Bleed will kick in right after and hit the 1 remaining health as well. So it will for sure kill the dino with Survival on it. So it’s definitely an alternative to Nullify for dealing with that situation that I have thought is pretty useful.

For the third battle (could also apply to the others) for this mod mission, I’ve taken 2 different approaches to handling this battle. One that I have used that works pretty much 100% of the time is to use Toxin on my first dino (has the highest possible attack that I can put out there), Terrify on my second, and Inspire on my third. Then I keep up enough blocks that no matter what they can’t kill me. And everything else into reserve. Just keep blocking and let Toxin take down all of their dino’s at once. Just have to be a bit patient, but it works.

Today, I decided I was bored of that method… so had a dino with a decent attack stat with Siphoning Bite on it. Second and third dino’s were both level 10 with Terrify on each of them. They weren’t able to do enough damage to really affect me at all and took care of them. Was just nice to try a new method for this challenging battle. Caveat to this though… if any of the opponents has a mod that boosts their attack… It will boost their attack enough to counteract the Terrify’s and then can pose a real threat because it boosts based on their pre-Terrify attack stat.

I do also super love Clone on these battles as well. But as I said, I wanted to try something different today to add more challenge in thinking through these battles. And I have gotten my legendary and super rare mods from either trade harbor (DNA, coins, food or VIP points) or raptor paddock (coins).

Hopefully these perspectives are at least a little helpful to some people out there!