Weekly Schedule - 11/4/2019 - 11/10/2019

Looks like a lot of changes


Nice, a no KO on team event! I kinda missed those.

That’s one busy Sunday

I’m glad that I’ve got my hatchery and evolution chambers running on full blast 24/7.

Looks like our bench has to be strong at all levels.

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Looks like lots of level-based events

Twelve out of thirteen events from Friday to Sunday are Jurassic and one Cenozoic that’s a lot of Jurassic dinosaur this also includes the tournament

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I like the thought of more events. Lets players choose which to participate in. Also adds more diversity for players at all levels.

I agree but the prize we win should be based on the level we compete at everyone should not win the same prizes

But a player can’t participate in all of them. Only the ones open for their level. For example, on Saturday, I’ll be able to participate in 2 out of 3 of the events plus the tournament. At least that’s my reading of the schedule.

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Okay I must have miss understood what I read so anything not showing 25+ I will not be able to compete in because I’m level 80

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@Andy_wan_kenobi After reading your post I realized that I completely misunderstood the schedule!

Your interpretation makes alot more sense than what I was thinking lol.

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Not me. They could have stayed gone and buried


Two unlock events, that’s interesting. Hopefully this continues and we get to some of the new Aquatics that have been out for quite some time now.

Edit: Lol the slice of cake is your anniversary on the forums (next to my name)


I’d be happier about two unlock events if it wasn’t one we already HAD recently (August)… and STILL have not had the Smilodon for those of us that would like to make the newest ceno hybrid and haven’t played long enough to have unlocked it yet (last unlock for it was Feb).

Really glad to not have to think about doing another Dino Charge on the weekend, but would have rather had it on a non-tourmament day with the lower level players than an unlock I don’t need. But otherwise, just too time consuming for me when there’s a lot of other stuff, and really annoying how much Ludia is putting it on the schedule instead of some other easier events… I ended up skipping the one yesterday, which always sucks to miss out on the LPs (only reason I do it). Putting it along with the no KO event… considering how many of us that are still evolving in the game need our top dinos to do these events, looks like yet another attempt by them to get us to use DBs on speedups.

Two Claim Your Territories? Yikes!

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It looks like the unlock on Monday also changed? It was an aquatic on the original. And the Thursday unlock changed as well from Cenozoic to Aquatic?

Just realized that is a sneak peek at next weeks schedule :wink:

FYI I won’t post my screen shot in the forums.

Thank you, we will update shortly with the right calendar

Here is the correct calendar with the correct change for Dinosaur Charge

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Anyone done the dino preservation? I honestly hate this event, but i am kinda curious as well


I did it. I just used 1 indoraptor and didn’t even put anything else out there. Since there were no other events I would need them for today, I figured I could wait the 24 hours to get it cooled down. Was SUPER easy doing it that way. With the dino’s you have listed there, it should be easy to pick a team of 3 for that I would think? Monosteg or diplosuch should be fine I would think?