Weekly Schedule - 12/2/2019 - 12/8/2019

Another busy week ahead.


Does the Edestus Clash of Titans seriously last from December until March? For all of the events, it’s less than this week

I did not recognize this because for me this is the normal date format (dd.mm.yyyy).
I’m sure it’s a mistake.

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Maybe that’s it. They changed formats. For December, is month then day. I was assuming the second month was the same, because all of the previous Clashs have been month then day, but maybe this one is day then month.


Here is an updated calendar, that takes into account the changes to Clash of Titans and Clash of Champions mentioned here: https://ludia.gg/JWTG19_FR_December

Sorry for the confusion.


Daily events video:


Looks like a more relaxed week, I need this after the Yu-T torunament. LOL

Just curious what creature that folks would like to see next for the tournament unlock? Seeing as how I think Yu-T was the number one pick for most folks, myself included.

I’m not sure if they’ve had a recent unlock event for him, but I’m eager to get my claws on Metriacanthosaurus.

I would love to have the following Jurassic creatures for the weekly tournaments:

  1. Proterogyrinus
  2. Segnosaurus
  3. Amargasaurus
  4. Lythronax
  5. Tupuxuara
  6. Kentosaurus (Couldn’t able to get this during last tournament)

Any one of these 6, I would be more than happy to again go for the fight.

Amargasaurus would be my #1 choice. One of the few creatures in the game I don’t have yet, and being an actual dino (not a hybrid) I’d love to get her!

Bananogmius or Eucladoceros

I am in alignment with @Andy_wan_kenobi, they are the last two tournament unlocks that I am waiting for:

All of the other ones have been offered at least once in the last year where Bananogmius has not been offered in more than a year and a half and Eucladoceros has never been offered since it is a newer creature


Strange that the rarest tournament creature seems to be, a fish.
My pick would be Darwinopterus because pterosaur. I’d also like a shot at the Megalosaur, since i need it for the hybrid emperor of health


‘Don’t play this game if you are tired’.
Wise words, terrible things could happen. You are not the only one who suffered from unexpected bucks vanishing.

PS: Don’t be surprised that you do not receive any likes from me on YouTube. I’m kind of paranoid about social media. Certain forums not included of course.


Lol no worries.

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Anyone have any ideas as to what this is? It’s on the twitter feed. Probably the tourney creature since the other unlocks aren’t pteros

Based on our discussion back in April, I’m going with Darwinopterus of the current tournament pterosaurs

Edit: All that said, is the purple background a hint to a hybrid nature?


I was wondering that as well. Maybe they are releasing Tapejalosaurus as a tournament unlock due to the SDNA? Hoping they post an update on Twitter tomorrow

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I don’t think it’s Darwin, the head crest goes the wrong direction in the picture, looks like it will be a new creature, that’s my hope.


My thoughts and hope as well. :crossed_fingers:

The crest of this pterosaur has a direction to front and reminds me the crest of Einiosaurus. There is a possibility to be a Darw. and Einiosaur hybrid . I hope I am wrong because I want Einiosaur for an other hybrid