Weekly Schedule - 12/21/2020 - 12/27/2020

So another aquatic wave as it seems and a boss alongside the jurassic tournament


Come on Erlikosaurus (or Parasaurolophus Gen 2 or Eryops, although it is almost certainly not those two)


Let’s see, the backgrounds look a bit similar, although it’s raining on these

Would love one of these though


Would totally love gorgo

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Nah, i wanted to post these tho. I’m happy of my last land super rare unlock and i don’t have dolychorhyncops unlocked sooo that’sa good week

Tournament and a boss starting Christmas Day! Merry Christmas! I’m really hoping it’s Gorgo :pray:t2:


I was hoping for something that I never unlocked for this week’s tourney, but if it’s one I’ve already unlocked, I’ll pass.

Probably not going to happen but it would be really cool if they added some sort of Boss DNA to the boss events, like the really high damage missions they used to have for DinoBucks that they removed a couple of years back.

I mean it is a boss after all what better way to earn Boss DNA then doing damage on a boss.


That is so logical. :blush:

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Next thing we know, they add a mission that rewards you with boss DNA.
Requirements? You have to use the boss to deal damage.

When I saw boss events in YouTube I still think does it worth ??? I do not want salty rewards especially coins, foods and a little of Dino bucks.


Can i use jurassics with a cenozoic boss?

for this boss typically you can use both Jurassic’s and Cenozoic’s, you will also have missions for a mix of creatures.

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The tournament will be of the iguanodon!. Look at the news. You can see a hardosaur. Its like iguanodon. It will be also! :grinning::grinning::grinning:


1 percent chance at a limited edition pack though.

Tourney creature and bucks very nice

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It says the boss starts on Friday but on JWTG it says it starts on Thursday


Ugh. Doubt I’ll have this dino but I’ll be out of service so that’s a pretty solid indicator itll be part of an unsecured hybrid.

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For those that will be awake when the Missions roll over, remember that there will be a 2 hour window to get s-DNA from the Raid Missions Monday morning. Be sure to leave 10 for that window, although I wouldn’t leave the big Damage Mission…

That said, I do not plan on being up…


I remember such a thing that once you finish up all the missions available, you close the app and when you turn back on, you used to see some additional ones without the total number being effected. Like a refresh of the last 4-5 missions if it is proper to say. Was that a glitch or an in-game bonus, mister? @Andy_wan_kenobi