Weekly Schedule 12/27/21 - 1/3/22

Kaprosuchus Gen 2 won !!! Yayyyyy !!!

Also tournament has a different iconography and it seems to be a normal one, its apparently something different. Maybe Banana tournament is next week.

We also have a Combat Countdown event and rare gyrosphere.

Happy New Year 2022 to all !! :partying_face:


I know I’m asking the same question like a million times, but when does Mylodon tourney come out? :sweat_smile:


Yay kapro gen 2. I don’t think that’s bananogmius. That’s not an aquatic background. Perhaps Megatherium due to cave background? Could also be a new creature


Could be this. A bit of a random choice since it had a tournament in April.


Hopefully. I don’t have gigantophis yet

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Wait, isn’t that kind of OP for a tournament creature? I thought plesiosuchus was the best one with 4.3k hp and 900 dmg, this has 4.3k hp and 1.3k dmg…


that are old stats…


We are looking at the background to see if it was similar to the one in the schedule.


What is “All Combat Countdown”? Any idea?


Gigantophis confirmed, pretty sure we had one not too long ago however.

It’s also 20 percent discount for jurassics atm just a heads up guys.

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This is global countdown, look like a pretty good pack of you get a lock creature from it


Later on, remember that it is NO KO WITHIN TEAM. This means FMM strats for beating the battle aren’t allowed, as the AI only needs one KO.


Anyone do the rare hybrid gyrosphere for 500DB?

If it is easy to win, it is worth it from a DB to DNA stand point.

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Yeah. I would have won because I got insane draft, my lowest ferocity was tusoteuthis lvl 10, and my team best were lioschiotodon lvl 31 and tylosaurus lvl 28
Would have won, as I said before, but played a dumb move sacrificing lio for 8 points on tylo, and lost as there was a reef type that annihilated tylo.
Not sure if it’s worth it though, a rare hybrid for 500 db is not something I’d take in the TH. But either way gyros are kinda fun
WAY easier than indom gyro, slightly harder than normal gyro, as in normal gyro you have access to stuff like lvl 29 indoraptors


Nope. Just some selected creatures not all of them are locked. Only the commons contain locked creatures.


I felt like the difficulty was the same as the standard gyrosphere, but I either got very unlucky or the opponent was able to geuss my moves on the last match, usually they switch in class advantage and attack, it did not, I took a chance to try and take out his gastornis but he was blocking for 2, which he hadn’t been blocking up until this point… :thinking:

Fun yes, worth it… no

Oh and I barely had any decent Savannahs to pick in the draft, that phorusrachos was the strongest one.

I mean the least they could do is give us similar strength creatures in the draft to the opponents were facing, I never once saw some of these enemies in the draft and had to pick between standard legendaries.


I agree, not worth the DB.
But maybe you got unlucky or I got lucky, lioschitodon lvl 31 is good + paired with tylo lvl 28


What about primo and dimetrodon

This is what i said. Most if not all amber creatures are there . But it doesn’t guarantee one. I was just trying inform you of that , as it seemed you thought you’ll get a locked creature.

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Oh sorry, I just hoped I get one, superosaure would be pretty cool, but yeah sorry for the misunderstanding :grin: