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Weekly Schedule 12/28/2020 - 1/03/2021

Nothing new this week, but i see that who won the vote for the next CoT was Kentrosaurus, and It also looks like we have another event ahead !!! Do you have any Idea wich creature It is ?


Thats good actually, but for me we are having toooo many Synthetoceras unlocks. Also happy for Dimorphodon unlock and Tyrannosaurus gen 2 too


Would they be directing the tournament to Triceratops Gen 2 ? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Another tournament. Yay…

I reckon it’ll be for Triceratops Gen 2.


We don’t know the Rarity of the Triceratops Gen 2, nor do we know when it will actually be released. Certainly, this could be Triceratops Gen 2, but it could be something else as well.


The tournament could be a savannah? Kelenken, Gastornis… Also yes, Tryke G2 could be a chance. Let’ s hope tryke g2 won’t be a tourney creature…

Yes, i’m just guessing it’s, Ludia is full surprises, who knows what awaits us !!!

Great, finally a dimorphodon unlock, actually this week’s unlocks from my level are all new to me.
Now, for the tournament, it looks like a cenozoic scenery to me, I’m no paleobotanist but these trees don’t look like something from the mesozoic…
There’s also grass, which did not exist yet back then, but Ludia doesn’t seem to care about these details;
The trees seem kind of similar, but I dunno.
Might be a cenozoic creature after all, and speaking of gen 2 triceratops, I don’t recall triceratops living in an environment like this.

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i dont need more mauisaurus yet
I already have 2
but fine
i havent unlocked it yet

I’m with u on that hope
Lets hope the wonders of velos and rexes stay with trike
Im looking forward to a common Gen 2 fury event

CoT is gonna be a little less hyped than usual I think. Having another herbivore with “meeh” stats which also doesn’t have an hybrid, won’t make me excited tbh. Those cards with 1.5k bucks the game owes me from the previous one, is so likely gonna be my only goal to achieve. The only game changer in this equation would be that she is having an hybrid by fusing her with the new Triceratops Gen 2, at least for me. 🥸

Why would you guys not want a tourney level triceratops? It by far deserves this status being one of the most powerful and dangerous herbivores of it’s time, making it anything less will be an absolute disgrace imo…


I like always, am gonna hope for banana fish stats on trike gen 2(or whatever the new creature is)

Really need a non carnivorous canon


Herbivore Triceratops gen2 !!!


Yo what is this

So we get a diprotodon or andrewsarchus?

Yo, just say it to ludia.

Ah, nevermind, now it’s fixed.

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Huh, I wonder why Combat Countdown isn’t in the schedule, unless I’m missing something here.

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There was mention in the newsletter about a “Special Event.” Guess this is it. I am not a fan of No KO battles…