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Weekly Schedule - 12/30 - 1/5

Next week’s schedule of events. Note the mid-week Aquatic tournament

Edit: be mindful that this is the last week of the Edestus Clash of Titans if you haven’t completed it yet


This’ll be my first aquatic tournament, both excited and apprehensive.

Was hoping for more Gen 2 Events myself.

Appreciate you posting for us all.

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The last regular Aquatic tournament appears to be Segnosaurus back at the end of April. The Dominator cut off was 679 trophies

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Don’t they typically show the next clash of titans when one is ending?

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The vote for the January clash of titans was between Smilodon, Secodontosaurus and the current Cenozoic in the “Eucladoceros” tournament, sorry if the name is wrong.
It will probably be the smilodon.

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Remember that labels and icons on the weekly schedule can be arbitrary. To say it is an “aqua tournament” could mean anything: it could be aquatic creatures for an aquatic prize, Jurassic creatures for an aquatic prize, aquatic creatures for a Jurassic prize, or even (unlikely) throwing some Cenozoics in there.

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How can I enter the clash of titans event? I remember seeing a while back that It was going to open (and I was super excited because I love edestus), but when i enter my battle events tab and scroll to look for it I can’t find it? Is this a glitch or am I looking in the wrong place?

Edit: I’m currently lvl 68

You appear to be looking in the correct place

When did you get to level 60? As of Update 39, you had to be level 60 to access Clash. Is it possible you got to level 60 after this Clash started in early December, and the game does not consider you to have been eligible? Or did you complete the event and didn’t realize it? Just spit-balling a couple of ideas.

I would suggest submitting a support ticket after confirming Edestus is locked, but with Ludia out for the holiday break, I wouldn’t count on a satisfactory resolution. Although, maybe they would address it so it doesn’t happen to others.

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Quite true. We shall see

It’s definitely been arbitrary what the icons mean, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen where the entire tournament block has been labeled as an “Aqua Tournament” and for that to mean anything other than battles with the aqua creatures. With it also having an aqua icon, it likely is an aquatic prize too, but that definitely is much less certain.

I’m really excited for this, as I’ve really put a lot of work and resources into my aquatic lineups and have been hoping for a tournament to see if I might need to level up more than I have (most of my VIPs I’ve held at around level 16-17)… just hope it’s not a rules tournament, the first one they had after I started playing was the Deinocheirus which was super rares only, and I had just enough to sneak into Dominator and get the unlock. But I haven’t really worked so much on my SRs as I have on the legendaries, hybrids and especially VIPs. I’m sure I’m not the only one that once they make the hybrids from the SRs, doesn’t always get around right away to hatching out enough to make another level 40 (assuming you didn’t wait to make two in the first place,which with the much longer times and difficulty in getting them in the first place, I’ve not tended to done with the aquatics).


I think I became lvl 60 after the tournament started. Regardless I’ll see if ludia can help out. If anyone else has any ideas/ help it would greatly be appreciated

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I just hope the new creature not to be the aquatic unlock of aquatic tournament. Now that I saw the schedule, I found this very possible.

I want it to be an amphibian .

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The “Aqua” should mean that those are the type of creatures you will need to use in the tournament. I stress the should. This was a change they were going to implement after the last Cenozoic tag on the tournament but was using Jurassic creatures, all tournaments are supposed to be Jurassic unless tagged with the “Aqua” or “Ceno” which would be directing what type of creatures will be needed


@Guidjacu, you will probably see the new Clash of Titans (the one that starts in a week) if you don’t see Edestus beforehand. I didn’t play this game for about four months; when I came back, there were several days left on the current Clash, but it didn’t show up for me (maybe the game doesn’t show Clash if it’s impossible for you to unlock it in the time left?). When the new Clash rolled over, it became visible to me.

Not sure if this explanation helps. Good luck.


Today’s Video:

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Something is lurking in the deep. Can you guess what it is?
Claim and Prepare for this weekends AQUA tournament▶

Image may contain: plant, outdoor and nature

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Bananogmius finally?


Wow, it does look like it might be! That’d be a nice gift to start the year off!


I’m really curious now if the new creature could have some relation to Bananogmius like @Sionsith speculated because the fin does look vaguely similar, plus with it being the probable new tournament reward and all.


I agree! Super nice way to kick off 2020

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