Weekly Schedule - 12/8/2020- 12/15/2020

Another tournament and a Community Event of some sort for next weekend. The Edestus Clash of Titans begins tomorrow.

Edit: 12 Days of T. rexmas begins Saturday


Ceno tournament??? I’ll be curious to see if that’s a ceno prize (Gigantophis or Smilodon would be AWESOME) or actually will use cenos. That’s the most interesting thing on the schedule by far.

Didn’t catch that. They’ve been very inconsistent about what that icon means

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I’m taking it to mean playing with cenos - we haven’t had a non Jurassic tournament for ages. I really hoped they’d forgotten about those…

I missed out on that last snake unlock because of it and apparently I still haven’t learnt my lesson and don’t have the numbers of creatures to compete

The icon should mean using Cenozoic creatures. It hasn’t always been applied that way, however. I guess we’ll see. Typically, Cenozoic tournaments are harder, with many less trophies required for a Dominator finish than Jurassic tournaments. For example, the Tupuxura tournament back in May required about 500 trophies to finish in Dominator. I used about six teams in my tournament runs, and I don’t believe I ever won with more than three of them; sometimes I would get a single victory. We shall see how the shuffling of Cenozoic creatures effects tournament success, if not this week, then another


If the tournament does require using only Cenozoic critters I definitely will not be able to pull out a win. Have given my Ceno bench much less attention then my Jurassic, but have been starting to concentrate on building them up more.

I blame Smitetoceras for this.

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I had a feeling we might see a ceno tournament soon with the big reshuffling. I’ve got a bunch of stuff to level up more, but otherwise should be in a good position to do well, based on being able to finish in Dominator for the Tupuxura tournament with a MUCH weaker team. But as mentioned, that symbol has definitely not always meant using cenos, but sometimes just that you would win a ceno.

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I am trying to verify with Ludia the intent of that symbol. Since on today’s event from it’s a whiteout used Cenozoic and had a Jurassic reward and that event has the Cenozoic symbol on it in last weeks schedule.


They should have two symbols, one for what you battle with and one for what you win. Like show the former and then an arrow pointing to the latter to indicate that you use the first to get the second.

Looks like Gigantophis might be the tournament creature this weekend, if so Ludia you need to change the phrase at the bottom of the news feed display:

The usage of the word “new” implies a creature that has not been released in the game, unless this slide is referring to something other than the Gigantophis.

Also seems that the Cenozoics might be finally getting some extra attention:


Hi all, this upcoming weekends tournament is a modded land tournament where the prize is a ceno.


Giant Kangaroos? (forgot the actual name) That’d be great!


Time to stock up on mods!


Thanks for the clarification. The reply to me on Facebook from Ludia was this: “The tournament is a land tournament (modded) that you will face ceno’s.” which I was confused by as “face ceno’s” sounds like that is what you will battle, but that you would use land dinos. That would certainly be a first!

Would love to unlock Gigantophis!

I still have a couple of Panochthus to evolve.
I bought…I don’t remember exactly…16 of them before they became legendaries.
Well, now would be a good time, I think.


Not if it’s a land tournament! I was all excited about getting to actually USE all those Panos I was able to get, but looks like once again, cenos getting the short stick.

If I ever thought doing the On the Tides event was a waste of time, this sure would convince me otherwise! I mainly do it for the s-DNA rewards, but this sure was a nice bonus! Kind of makes up for not getting a decent prize pack for the tournament after even going to the extra effort of finishing in 1st place.

And also won a Pterodaustro in the lottery so not a bad couple of days after all!


I am super hype to finally get me a giant snake!

I am happy that it will be using Jurassic bench as my Ceno bench is very sparse with only my Smilodon and Brontotherium being able to muscle for me.

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OMG, I was totally freaking out as I started to do some game things on my phone and realized it had been left open while I finished that aquatic event and won that Hyneria… and now was showing that event still having a couple rounds to complete. Was I going to LOSE that impossible-to-get fish?? I ran over to open the game on my iPad, made sure it was still there, closed the game on my phone and then on the iPad, and then reopened it on the phone. Whew, my lovely fish was still there! That was a close call!


Congratulations! I’ve been wanting to get one of those!


Today’s Video: