Weekly Schedule - 12/8/2020- 12/15/2020

Uggh wonder what the rules will be. Although I’m fairly confident I have a good enough variety to handle whatever they are.


I didn’t see anything about Rules, although I certainly could have missed it

I’ve never played a MOD tournament. So :cold_sweat: a little bit to be honest. Seeing as how I’m not a huge fan of MOD events to begin with. Hoping this tournament will require less trophies because I really want this big monster.

If it helps, the first time I got into Dominator was a mods tournament, due to the lower participation. If you’ve been saving up mods, you will likely be well ahead of those that have stripped them from the game so they get decent trade offers. Particularly with it being a creature that had a tournament earlier in the year so a lot of players don’t need it.

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Just an FYI as we prepare for the upcoming Mods tournament

Titanoboa required about 900 trophies
Mastodon required about 1130 trophies, but was a 4-day tournament
Acanthostega, which only allowed Commons and Rares, required about 1200 trophies

For what it’s worth, Acanthostega was the most recent Mods tournament, as far as I am aware


Tried to post this earlier via email and it doesn’t appear to have gone through. Since I am reposting, it will probably show up

You can see our thoughts on Mods tournaments on the following threads

It can be intimidating for a newcomer. It can be frustrating for those of us that try to use Common and Rare Mods only. But the tournaments are winnable. Find a strategy that works for you. Personally, I like to stick a pair of Berserks in my second and third slot. They work well with my play style and have the bonus of allowing me protection against the dreaded Double Terrify. I am very weak against Splinter.


Acanthostega - 1,200 trophies

So with a 25% margin of error (lost battles or wrong sequence of mods, etc), that’s 1,500 trophies.

With a conservative estimate of around 25 trophies a battle, that gives 60 battles. 3 mods for each creature gives us 180 mods estimate, with a low estimate of 144 if it’s exactly 1,200 and every battle is winnable for 25 trophies.

That’s around 3,000 - 5,000 DBs to purchase if it’s just common or rare so that’s worst case scenario invested in the tournament… upwards of 7,500 - 9,000 if you plan on using only legendary mods. So it’s steep but not impossible to beat these things. But I’m with the rest of you guys that dislike mods.

Where so you get the 3000-5000 Dinobucks figure? Is that purchasing Mods in the Paddock? Spend coins instead. Every day, I buy 10 Common and 10 Rare Mods using coins. It builds up in a hurry

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Yeah it’s how much you’d spend on DBs if that was the only currency you could use. I prefer using everything else first, but it’s just the worst case scenario since some are nervous about the tournament. I was hoping to ease some worries to maybe show that it will be doable for most of us no matter what but maybe I just made things more confusing :sweat_smile: sorry guys

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@Mary_Jo @Andy_wan_kenobi

Thank you both very much, truly gave me some confidence going forward.

I don’t have a huge base of mods to use but I’m hoping to be able to manage, will just have to see how it goes I suppose.

Thank you so much again. :smiley:


That’s really all you can do. I will say that Nullify has been my favorite mod in tournaments since you will typically see a LOT more of the SR and Legendary ones than you will in regular PvPs (especially if like me, you stick to mostly commons, with a rare thrown in perhaps). A lot of the newer mods make Nullify way less useful but it’s still one of the best if you don’t have a lot of the more expensive ones.

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I thought i saw something about level 30+ on Twitter, though i could be wrong

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You are not wrong it will be limited to parks/ accounts that are level 30+, there is still the question of will it be Cenozoic or Jurassic creatures.

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Or both?:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Got this today from the prize drop and was pretty excited about it:


Wow! I got a single one, but 6 has to be a record!

On the tournament, there have been multiple posts by Ludia calling it a “land tournament” so fairly sure that means Jurassics.

Whew glad that 30+ is not creature level. That would really knock me out of it.

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I received four but six is definitely better

The only thing I can go by is that “Land” battle in PvP means Jurassic or Cenozoic, I am leaning more towards it being Jurassic but I would actually like to use my Cenozoic creatures for more than just the two battles a week.

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Maybe by land they mean both like the PvP is. That would be cool to get to use them for a change while still letting those players that haven’t beefed them up a lot still have a chance.

Slightly off topic but curious when the tournament creature unlock is an aquatic is it the usual to use Jurassic creatures in the battles or is aquatic creatures more the norm?