Weekly Schedule - 2/10/2020 - 2/16/2020

Big week. In addition to the unlock events, we’ve got a World Boss, a tournament, and some sort of Community Event next weekend.


They are going go need a bigger sheet.

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I guess that the community event will be related with Valentine’s day…

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Agreed with @kingCRAGGERcroc. JWA has a big Valentine’s Day event. I can’t remember what the usual Valentine’s Day boss is. What’s the most “Valentine-y” creature we have? One of the Cenozoic bears since it’s like a teddy bear? I don’t remember any bear bosses. I guess we’ll see.

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If I recall correctly, it’s this one. They put a heart in its antlers I think.

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Auspicious timing… I got a new sheet for tracking boss events added to the spreadsheet just yesterday! According to that information, it looks like last year was the Phoenix 44. I haven’t yet tracked down much further than that and the info on @Sionsith’s World Boss thread. Maelstrom is more typically the Christmas boss (reindeer connection).

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Seems like I remember it being the Terroranodon, too. Not sure of the connection, though, to Valentine’s Day. Love bird?

Time will tell.

That was my thought, doves often associated with love, so perhaps that’s the connection.

Yay , S-DNA packs are back !!!

Although I am gonna definitely buy one or two , I save most of my DNA for Kaprosuchus S-DNA.


Unfortunately this is the SDNA I need the least.

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Hope the bird is next

I’m really torn over this one. I can only buy one but I certainly am not maxed on Diplos having all if mine currently at lvl 20. Seems like another would be a good buy but that’s almost all the DNA I have!

Yet another tournament hybrid achieved. Really like the look of this one

Tiny, nerdy nitpick, but i don’t think “predator” is the best way to describe Therizinosaurus :thinking:


It’s a predator if you are a tree!


Fair enough :joy:
No one thinks what’s like being a tree


Slight bug in the CoT…got this at the end. @Ned - might want to let the developers know.

I did still get the Keleken card though. Nice getting a prize pack without any food or coins for a change!

yeh i got that bug as well, also got the correct card, but i am assuming i do have the right creature unlocked

Check in the marketplace. Set the filter to locked

Same bug here. Looks like it didn’t unlock like you said (I put the card in my hatchery but can’t buy another).