Weekly schedule - 2/22/2021 - 2/28/2021

A pretty good week, gen 2 fury, a community event and a vip tourney which looks to me like a pterodaustro.


Seems to be Pterodaustro to me too.

This was the last year’s Pterodaustro Tournament.

EDIT : Unlikely to be a Pterodaustro, since I checked the corresponding Tournament banner of last year’s and it was different from this one. @Misao


I noticed when I checked the last banner on twitter. we might be looking at either a wuerhosaur or procerato tournament due to them both having had their last tourneys before they did banners on the weekly schedules. It could even be a metoposaurus tournament due to it also having had its last tourney before they did the banners, but I would say procerato or wuerho are more likely.


decided to take a look at old tournament pics and looks like its a wuerho.


How do you Wuerhosaurus out of tree tops? That suggests a Pterosaur or Sauropod to me. If we’ve eliminated Pterodaustro, that would leave Pterodactylus, Eudimorphodon, or Apatosaurus. While all three of those are available in 10k packs, so is Giant Orthocone, and it has had 2 VIP tournaments…


all 3 of those have yet to have a vip tournament so I kind of just automatically excluded them. Mostly cause all of the recent vip tournaments where 50k creatures or like acro used to be 50k.

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Gonna unlock Glyptodon and Velociraptor Gen 2 this week…

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Heres hoping it’s a twin vip pack for tourney but il be happy with pteradaustro or wheurosaur either way.


I think this is pretty much the end of this debate:


Those stats :star_struck:

Edit: coin seems well off… :thinking:


Possibly, but here’s the calendar from the last Pterodaustro tournament

Not saying Ludia can’t change its iconography, but…


It is 2633 life

Finally able to unlock ramphorhyncys

Wait why can’t I see anything about the events

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And the Instagram event

You will have to be patient till the event refresh to see the week’s events.

I would also recommend that you compress the message you want to convey in one post than in many seperate ones, there’s no hard and fast rule as such but it would definitely be more appreciated if it was in the form of one solid post.

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Okay thank you @Jurassic_Fury

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I dunno, honestly I’ve literally dived into the sea of all possible imageries for that creature all around the internet and and picked that up from under a huge garbage. It seems the game tends to use that sunset themed imagery for the main tourney table screen for this creature but maybe they’ve just used to place that on the calendar before too, can’t be clear actually. Mine’s background was pretty convincing other than it was being used also for another creature but a tourney this time, Darwinopterus. Since this is gonna be a VIP, I will keep my money on Pterodaustro.

Then I’m gonna feed her with her favorite planktons and crustaceans through her filtered beak. No pun intended.

Another copy during the tourney would be awesome though. But I think I’ve passed my turn already. :roll_eyes:


Great, the one time I’m going to be able to actually truly grind a tourney (JWA has an advantage this weekend, and it’s gonna be close to heck) it’s VIP. :roll_eyes:

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Yeah exactly, dunno the JWA side but if you are willing to grind for a tourney, then it is the time. VIPs are absolute ones to grind not for only creating an advantage on finding another copy but also having a strong creature after the fusion which can be used everywhere. Twin Stygis are the prime level of this ambition in my book. Think you’ve got 4 copies all of a sudden after only a 3 days long tourney, definition of a dreamland. :fireworks: Couldn’t do it in the previous one but gonna continue trying on the next for sure. :call_me_hand: