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Weekly schedule - 2/22/2021 - 2/28/2021

Yeah, first, third, and occasionally fifth weekend are best to grind in, and can be pretty fun. Advantage just involves a lot of insane matchups.

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I might not unlock ramphorhynchus because this event is so hard! I already have dolphinochoryps unlocked so I won’t do it

Show us your battles for rhamph unlock @Dimetrocarnus

I don’t know how to put screenshots but it was a level 40 colbothynchus

For your level it doesn’t seem difficult. :smirk:

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I found a Colobo too

not very good week I’ll only take the velociraptor gen 2

Yeah but do you think I’m running low on Amphibians. My best amphs is postosuchus level 11 and diplolacus level 40

I got full Kapro DNA out of the Instagram event
I feel like they should put normal events, like monsters of the deep on there too.

The gen 2 was normal, but the third round felt like a challenge in a good way


And it’s official.


I just unlocked Omega 09 this week!!!


I just unlocked omega 9 this week