Weekly Schedule 2/24/2020 - 3/01/2020

Two new 2nd Gen creatures and a tournament free weekend for non VIPs next week.


Oh I hope it’s a tournament for one of the 50K VIPs this time. The kangaroo would be sweet!


Or again 2 VIPs would also be fantastic.

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If by “fantastic” you mean “really sucky that their new policy would be to not give 50K creatures in tournaments” okay then. I personally will be pretty peeved at them finding yet another way to devalue the VIP membership because two regular old 10K creatures are not at ALL equivalent to a single 50K one. But I’m willing to bet they got enough grief from at least most of the VIPs to not be doing it again. Certainly not for the very next tournament.

For once I have to disagree with you.
To me two VIPs are always of higher value as one. I do not differ between 10k and 50k VIPs.
But I can see your point and this is only my personal opinion.


So like I kinda need labyrinthodontia but I’m over leveled. Any work around or am I screwed

3 weeks ago we had an event for the Labyrinthodontia for levels 35+.
So hopefully for you it is coming back, but will probably take a while.

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Thank u for the response. That rlly sucks tho was kinda looking forward to the hybrid it’s part of

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I’m with @Tommi. A VIP creature is a VIP creature. Two copies makes a three-day tournament worth it. For what it’s worth, I’m pretty certain the second VIP tournament last February was a Giant Orthocone which is available in the 10k pack.

I’m a bit confused regarding the Gen 2 creatures. I just completed the Gen 2 Velociraptor event. But I haven’t unlocked it in the market.
Do I need to unlock it a different way?

I think there will be no unlock event in the near future. They will present an event with a 2nd gen creature from time to time so that we must have to wait very long before we can make the hybrid.
For those of us who can’t wait they will offer packages for an incredible large amount of money in the meantime.

Events with an open lock will unlock said creature.

Events without a lock are for a single use card.

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I do not see any events announced for tomorrow. The next one is announced for Wednesday, the VIP event for Thursday.

I was just going to comment on the same thing. They’re both empty for me as well

If you haven’t completed the Kelekken Clash of Titans, it ends Sunday

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@Ned or @Keith I ran into an issue on a MOD battle in this video where a protection mod seemed to trigger after an opponents player with the mod was eliminated, not sure if this is working as intended but wanted to ask about it.

@Tommi @BruceRex I’m having the same issue where nothing is showing up for Tuesday events I have tried logging out and back in and even tried turning off my phone and I still don’t show anything for Tuesday

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@Ned or @Keith are y’all aware of this issue where no events are showing up for Tuesday and I only show the vip event for Thursday could y’all please check on this for myself and others who are having the same issue thanks in advance for any help you can give

I believe Ludia is aware and I think the plan will be for the events to show when they are due to start. We will have to wait and see though.


It’s unusual that we see the other events but not those for today. I don’t think that there is a plan behind this, but, like you, I hope that they are aware.