Weekly schedule 2/28/2022-3/6/2022

Hopefully it’s an arctodus unlock or a new creature


After all this month the “March Match” begins.
It remains to be seen whether this week starts or the next one begins.
I guess not since we haven’t had the poll for the fourth tournament of the “March Match” (which is usually a hybrid) yet.


please be finally arctodus tournament


I am not aware that there have been Arctodus tournaments in the past?


Monolophosaurus would bei needed, nur i am already above 70…
Do you guess that there will be a chance to get him at a higher lvl in the future?


Every two to three months there should be an unlock event for 55+ level where you can unlock it.
You just have to be patient.



We’ve seen iconography for Woolly Mammoth, Woolly Rhinoceros, Mastodon, and Smilodon. This week’s iconography does not match any of them.

@Tommy_Paoly , we have not had an Arctodus unlock event since it got bumped up to tournament status. The last unlock opportunity was in June 2019.


Thanks man. Hope it will happen soon. Need that hybrid for my team. I got 5 so far from spinwheel and packs

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Another bracketed, I won’t do it except for new creature

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Nice week. Maybe new creature and bracketed tournament wich I like very much, harder battles but more trophies per battle = less amount of battles needed to be safe in dominator. I have no idea what new (if it’s new) creature it maight be. Megalonyx? New dinosaur never seen in JWA even? (I daubt it) or maybe old one (It can be arctodus :crossed_fingers:). Curious to find out

If it is a new creature perhaps cervalces. If it is a new one that isn’t in jwa hopefully it’s Amebelodon, Platybelodon or Machairodus

Pretty empty week.

Yes, i can finally make Tapejalosaurus

Not sure im looking forward to march matches tbh.

No Pelecanimimus unlock event?

New creature ! I didn’t have much time to log in JWTG so hoping too this weekend. Mostly did bits of Alive and yesterday the game never let me in :expressionless:

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Wow the day I decided to play JWA is the day the best rare non-hybrid gets an unlock… The Xiphactinus is cool though. And there has never been a Cenozoic Bracketed tourney.

Probably Cervales. If we get it we could get Arctocles. I could be Megalonyx or Haast Eagle. Titanoboa Gen 2 is possible too. Archaeopteryx is unlikely but possible.

We’ve had one some weeks ago for gryposuchus

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But that was land tourney.