Weekly Schedule - 2/3/2020 - 2/9/2020

Next week’s schedule. Lots of unlock opportunities if you missed some of the lower level creatures due to the reshuffling. Kelekken is the new featured Clash of Titans. Once again, a tournament for the weekend.


What’s the point of unlocking so many commons? Why they think that players above 35 level will be interested for these creatures (they have already unlock them ) ?

I’m assuming these are all unlocks that are no longer available in the game level unlocks. So anyone that started playing more recently might not have them yet. Don’t forget, it doesn’t take all that long to progress through those early levels, particularly if you sign up as a VIP.

My only gripe is that this is getting REALLY cumbersome to document on our data spreadsheet. At least this time there aren’t quite so many that are different for different game levels, just lots of unlocks period.

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What you said seems reasonable , although I still have doupts about which creatures are unlockable by stage battles . One is sure , I appreciate the S-DNA that these unlock events will give us !


This thread shows what is available to unlock through Battle Stages. All of this week’s creatures require a Special Event.


You are right, thank you !


Latest video:


Per Facebook, this week’s tournament will be Antarctopelta. While it has been the feature of two Clashes of Titans (December 2018 and September 2019), it has not had a tournament since I’ve been playing (August 2018)

Edit: Apparently, I must have checked the spreadsheet in my sleep. Antarctopelta was the heavyweight bracket prize in the September 2018 bracketed tournament


I just find it frustrating that I think I literally have gotten 4-5 of them in the last week and a half from lottery stuff…

I have it already at 40 level, so I am not so much interested for this one .

Yeah not a particularly great tournament unlock. I’m in a good mood though as I just got the BEST prize ever on my infinity battle…Legendary pack with 1500 Dbs and 2600 LPs (2x for VIP). Sweet!


A Legendary Pack for an Infinite Battle Stage? It’s been awhile since I’ve seen one of those

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Pretty sure it’s the first time I’ve gotten one… and to get THREE of the DB cards from it was just a double bonus!

And actually while I don’t need an unlock on this one, it’s one of the first tournaments that I’ve been working to get up to a lvl 40 that won’t be used for a hybrid. So getting another copy of it actually isn’t so bad.


The resource packs are usually good. And my next Infinite Battle Pack is supposed to be Legendary

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I wonder how you got 2600 VIP points. Isn’t it normal that you only get 1300?

Not sure what “normal” you mean since I have never gotten this reward before. It wasn’t a Golden Rewards pack, it was more the equivalent of a tournament prize pack (with 500 DB cards on the first 3), but with a legendary dino instead of the tournament one.

Ironic that you got one too almost at the same time. Wonder if it’s a new addition to the rotation perhaps?

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I may have forgotten this, I can’t remember when I last saw a classic legendary pack.

Do these legendary packs have a T-rex at the outside ? If so , I remember that they were the pack reward that later was replaced by Golden reward packs (with an Ostafricasaurus at the outside ) . This change happened during the great nerf of DB , when many packs lost DB rewards.

This was the classic legendary pack in the good old days. But I can’t remember that they granted 2600 LPs for VIPs.
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