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Weekly Schedule - 21-27 Sep


what even is that spelling?


I know, I thought the Spelling Bee event was over!


Nothing I need this week but not too bad for newer players I guess.

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Tenonto YES


What is the special scent?

Also, darn it, Ludia, you failed the spelling bee again!
I guess that’s an apex theropod scent. Concavenator incubator’s on my to do list.

Meio is sweet considering it makes 2 uniques now (tho they aren’t very useful, rather for collection reasons)

Tenonto is probably the best rare considering Tenrex is much better than Meio hybrids.

Maia makes that horrible chicken so good too.

Also, weekly mistake done :heavy_check_mark:
Parasaulorolophus is a good name for a apex boss lol

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Mammolania (crud we need to specify now) is actually a solid tank, great against speedsters and can really put a hold on someone’s strats, Entelo is just ugh

Yes! Another treasure chase! Come here you sweet 1000 coins!


Mammalania is actually solid to have on team

The new hybrid is nothing short of rubbish at the moment looking at its stats .

imma go for mirigaia, tenato, maisaura.

I personally preferred the free incubators, it was an automatic rare, epic or premnium incubator.

Yes but because if COVID many couldn’t go outside and tag the chases, defeating their purposes, Ludia needed a way to get the coin from them out easily and such gave us the incs, this was only tolerable because of the situation with COVID-19 and now that most people can hunt again, we can get rid of the thing that caused much of the lower arena inbalance

i mean, Ludia could easily do a coin inc again if they cant get the treasure chase to work properly. no need to give out dna, just coin. they’re capable of sending out individualized rewards, so just do it with coins and we’ll be good. i’m disappointed that im maybe getting 2K coin from the chests when the incs they gave ranged from 5K -15K.

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That’s really subjective to where you are in the world some places like Europe are expected to start implementing stronger measures again.

Yes yes but you are ignoring the actual issue here… how can people go out and hunt a treasure chase that appears once a day?