Weekly Schedule - 3/11/2019 - 3/17/2019

Latest schedule for the week and it’s going to be busy:
3/11/2019 - 3/17/2019 schedule

Looks like we have an aquatic boss coming (information on World Bosses) and of course another tournament, as we get information on these throughout the week I will update this post.

Update: 3/11
Looks like it’s going to be the Kraken for the boss, get your surface creatures ready…

If it is the Kraken this will be the statue:

Update: 3/12
Picture of the tournament creature for the weekend (no brackets this weekend)

Looks like it’s going to be…


I hate Boss and Tournament concurrent events. I don’t have time to play that much to be successful on both.


Good news is they will use different creatures so you won’t have to decide which creatures to split between the two events, but you will have to decide how to spend your time (probably the most valuable of resources :thinking:).


@Sionsith beat me to it, but I was going to point out that the tourney and the boss are two different arenas (land vs. aquatic), so you don’t have to use the same line-up for both. The boss looks to be a cavern creature (probably a mutated Baculites or something like that). I see bosses as DNA piñatas: just keep beating them and DNA pops out (regular DNA via the missions, and super-DNA via the 10-at-a-time daily missions). I love it. A weekend boss usually enables me to buy a high-level hybrid or Tournament creature from the market.

Good luck to all!

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I do appreciate the use of different creatures. For me though, it’s a time issue. I can grind on the boss or the tournament. Probably not both. I’ll do a few boss missions, but I won’t be able to do it justice.

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Looks like this will be the first week they institute the tournament limit rules, rules look like we will be limited to only rare creatures:


Thanks for sharing.

Hope you have hybrids, all.

I’ll be curious to see if we only face off against rares, and if we get to play any more often due to lower cool-down times (some of the high level rare hybrids take a good 12-16 hours to cool down, though).

Damn, I just used my Diplotator to fuse Diplosuchus.


Diplosuchus arrived just in time for this then, I suppose.
My squad is strong in the amphi division, but rather weak elsewhere.
Hybrid rares, carnoraptor and the herb pachy, and the tapy ptero bird.
So I might me compelled to level up some of the lower life forms to even have enough warm bodies for competition.
But my guess is everyone faces similar challenges?

Whoopsy Daisy! Guess i’ll have to skip this one. I got no rare hybrids. I probably deserve it for investing so much on legendaries. Damn you Ceratosaurus!

Hybrids are on discount right now in the hatchery 10% standard, 20% VIP. Just loaded up a bunch of rare hybrids for this weekends tournament.

Had went after level 40 of a couple of them and then stopped since there are much better creatures available at higher levels. It will be interesting with this new format of limiting to certain ranges of creatures, since it will force folks to fill out some of their lower ranking creatures.

It would have been nice if they had let us know a little bit earlier about this weekend’s tourney rules. Maybe with a little bit more time we could prepare better for future ruled tourneys


If they told us earlier, we would have the dinos ready. Since they didn’t tell us, many folks will use dinobucks to evolve those hybrids they were just able to buy. $$$ drives everything, and, in fairness, the game needs to make money somehow.


I’m not going go invest any bucks before I know the conditions of the new tournament. Could be too late by then but I’m willing to accept the risk.


Saw confirmation on the FB page that it will be the Kraken starting tomorrow for the world boss over the weekend.

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