Weekly Schedule - 3/16/2020-3/22/2020

Excited to get the Hyneria unlock… although personally I would have preferred Leedsichthys as I’ve won two of the Hyneria in aquatic events… which is how all the stats on it got filled in on my spreadsheet! And that gold-armored fish just looks so cool!


The Hyneria is a really lovely fish too though… and will be nice to get one up to lvl 40 at some point. I just wish that the legendary aquatics were a bit more powerful…having on average a lower AFS than the Jurassics… but at a higher cost and MUCH longer hatch time. That kind of bugs the heck out of me, so transparent Ludia wanting us to spend more time and DNA to get them… and yet not giving us much to USE them for.


Yippee, I’ve won a Kaprosuchus, finally I got it.
Wait a moment…did I miss something.




Has the schedule changed? This is what I have coming up tomorrow:
Revenge of the Raptors (defeat 9 opponents x 3 battles) and…
4 Mighty Money

Look here


Thanks! That explains a lot :grin:

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FYI for those that have not done this event, as the name suggests you are only facing Carnivores, so bring your Amphibians…

Also found a few uses for all of the coins you might get today:


I would forget to look at the offers as always and I would not anticipate that it will be only carnivores in the event.
Thank you.


Purchased the VIP bundle three times so 9 packs total got these:

Also 2,340 Loyalty Points (260 per pack for VIP members)
And a decent amount of DNA and food. Not to bad considering I have coins coming out my ears.


Love how the event is called “Revenge of the Raptors”, yet none of the ceatures pictured are Raptors :joy:. In fact there is only 1 dinosaur

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I’m afraid to spend too much coins on this offer at a single blow.
I could bet that I will get an offer in the trade harbor for a Metriaphodon or something like that for 99mio coins. And this offer will only last 30 minutes exactly at a point where I will have no coins available.


Out of all events, why have multiple "Mighty Money"es? There only so much Mono murder i can take

Arrgh, I noticed the VIP 3-pack when I briefly got up to catch the Hatchery discount and bought one before I crashed back to sleep. When I woke up again it was gone! I thought maybe it was a one-time purchase but sounds like that was not the case after all. The regular 2 mil one is still there though so I bought a few more of those.

Does it still show up for anyone else? Wonder why it disappeared so fast.

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I was able to do three of them before I had to stop for coin refreshments. When I returned to buy another one it was gone. That’s odd because it was supposed to last for 24 hours without any restrictions that I noticed.

Was there a hatchery discount today? Or did I completely miss it?

@Ned - can you check into why that VIP pack (and the Fidelity one) disappeared so fast? I expect a fair number of people missed it completely as it seems to have only been up for a couple hours or so.

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Yes, early on Tuesdays is the regular Hatchery discount…10% and 20% for VIPs. I believe I caught it sometime around 7:30 am EST, and it had an hour and a half to go, but don’t quote me on that (again, that’s in the middle of my sleep schedule so I’m only halfway coherent when I am able to catch it). I was at least able to hatch out all my pending tournament hybrids and remaining 7-day creatures… so down now to just SR and LOTS of legendaries. Would have hatched more but with everyone at home, the internet is increasingly getting pounded so gave up after the game threw me out a second time.

Just missed it, then