Weekly Schedule - 3/16/2020-3/22/2020

Arrgh, I noticed the VIP 3-pack when I briefly got up to catch the Hatchery discount and bought one before I crashed back to sleep. When I woke up again it was gone! I thought maybe it was a one-time purchase but sounds like that was not the case after all. The regular 2 mil one is still there though so I bought a few more of those.

Does it still show up for anyone else? Wonder why it disappeared so fast.

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I was able to do three of them before I had to stop for coin refreshments. When I returned to buy another one it was gone. That’s odd because it was supposed to last for 24 hours without any restrictions that I noticed.

Was there a hatchery discount today? Or did I completely miss it?

@Ned - can you check into why that VIP pack (and the Fidelity one) disappeared so fast? I expect a fair number of people missed it completely as it seems to have only been up for a couple hours or so.

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Yes, early on Tuesdays is the regular Hatchery discount…10% and 20% for VIPs. I believe I caught it sometime around 7:30 am EST, and it had an hour and a half to go, but don’t quote me on that (again, that’s in the middle of my sleep schedule so I’m only halfway coherent when I am able to catch it). I was at least able to hatch out all my pending tournament hybrids and remaining 7-day creatures… so down now to just SR and LOTS of legendaries. Would have hatched more but with everyone at home, the internet is increasingly getting pounded so gave up after the game threw me out a second time.

Just missed it, then

Consider setting a weekly alarm if it’s not inconvenient to do so. I do have one set for Thursdays to not miss the Market one, since I know I’ll be awake or close to it. For this one I prefer not to set an actual alarm, unless I really want to catch it. My Amazon Echo devices work nicely to just set an alarm for the next day if I have a nice DB stash and really want to catch it.

Before the time change, it was very convenient. Last week I was on vacation and this week (at least) my work is closed

The discount was from 5am-7am PST today I think

I always wanted a unicorn in my park.


It’s the smiley face on the side that takes away from it.


I’ve had a very good day for loyalty points and DNA, thanks to boss, and the herbivore packs. Been DNA farming, thanks to time saved commuting due to a virus.


Thanks to the lasting herbivore offer I’m facing a situation now that I did not have for years. I never thought I would say this but ‘I’m low on coins!!’.:crazy_face::tired_face:
Screenshot_20200318-100002_Jurassic World


@Tommi this is the lowest I’ve been on coins in awhile lol However, the last two weeks have been good for building up other resources


A new coins trade for 24 hours. I’m going to drown in commons.


Most of my common paddocks that were not maxed yet will be maxed after today. I am bummed that they changed the pack for this offer though, still a spot to dump coins so not to upset but I think they could have left the resource cards alone and kept it like the standard common pack that it looks like it is.

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If the spreading of creatures is like the last one you will most probably not max out all your paddocks.
In the last 24 hours I got 6 Diplodocus, 5 Nasutoceratops and 9 Pachycephalosaurs. The spreading in this offer was all but uniform.

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Unsolicited public service announcement: Behemoth 093 will go away at 1200 UTC (0800 EDT) on Friday. Bosses sometimes last until 1600 UTC (lunchtime on the US East Coast), but not this time around.

Plan your super-DNA (complete 10 raid missions) claims accordingly.


Yeah it would be nice if these packs spread out the dinos they gave a bit better. I did score one common hybrid so far though, so that’s a plus. Didn’t get any hybrids in the rare pack yesterday. I wish my coin production was better so I could really hit this one hard as I still have a fair number of common paddocks that aren’t full, and while my food is already maxed and I have been turning down TH food offers, the LPs alone are worth it!

Did anyone else notice the raptor paddock reset this morning and is scheduled to reset again in 6 hours? I got surprised by a Code 19 popping up this morning when I was on my cell phone, I always try to use my iPad only when they go active, and sure enough I wasn’t good enough on my phone to win the full points (got two of the bottom sliders which are the one that I really bomb on when using my phone). At first I thought maybe I left one undone from the day before but then another popped up so I checked the paddock and sure enough, it had reset! Wonder if this is going to be a regular thing? That would be kind of awesome, although the chances of getting them on my phone is going to skyrocket if it resets every 6 hours going forward.

At first glance I thought about some of these…

Then I realized Ludia was up to their old tricks and removed all of the DB from these packs :frowning:

And that the first one was not 10,000 but 100,000 the commas are helpful.