Weekly Schedule - 3/25/2019 - 3/31/2019

The schedule for the week is posted on FB.

Link to Facebook

Hoping it’s a typo on Tuesday and that the “Fight for Funds” is really supposed to be an SDNA battle, don’t want two of those in the week unless one is for substantial dollars and not 120 DB. Time will tell.

This should be the last tournament for awhile, looking forward to taking a break on the weekend.

Update 3/25
Confirmed it is a typo and there will be a “Fight for Fusion” on Tuesday where it states “Fight for Funds”.


Looks like we know what the tournament will be, will be interesting to see if they pull rules for this tournament and what they might be.

If you haven’t unlocked this hybrid yet this is a great opportunity to by pass the ingredients to fuse it.


I won’t try for dominator for multiple reasons:

  1. My dino buxs need a break
  2. I feel like it will be hybrids only, and I don’t really have any at high level
  3. I feel like it’s cheating to get a hybrid without fusing the first one you get