Weekly schedule 3/7/2022 - 3/13/2022

Very busy week. Vip tournament (hopefully tusoteuthis) and a new creature. Can’t exactly identify the background . Looks like a jungle so either a herbivore or carnivore tournament


This non VIP tournament icon really reminds me of indominus rex (gen 1/gen2) one or some snake, maybe titanoboa maybe something new :thinking:


aww man, another Kapro, already have you

Screeching Dilophoboa Noises

VIP: Plotosaurus
normal looks like titanoboa

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I Think That Was Carnotaurus Gen 2 Or Allosaurus Gen 2

i so wish allosaurus gen 2 with correct model. really, really I wish

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I swear if we get 2 cenos in a row

This iconography has already been used for two tournaments:

The Gorgosaurus tournament of early 2020:

The Erlikosaurus tournament of the end of 2019:

I sincerely hope that I am wrong and that it is a new creature, but if I have to choose I would choose Erlikosaurus.


Either of those would be absolutely epic, but I’d prefer gorgo bc I need it’s hybrid


well then i hope for gorgo, really need gorgosuchus


My money is on it. We’ve got a kapro unlock tomorrow

@Jahq @Lucky14 I fully understand why you want Gorgo, his hybrid is really comfortable.

However, I have a particular need for herbivores and Erlikosaurus would be useful.

Yeah, I only slightly prefer gorgo. I’m also in desperate need of a herb, but we’ve got a nodosaurus CoT rn

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Yeah, I’m keeping DNA to buy three copies.

Why did that go to Spanish

Forgive me, it’s Italian.
My translator’s fault.

Oh ok, very similar languages

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Both of them woudl be pretty cool

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Prob gonna be gorgo bc we got a kapro unlock tomorrow