Weekly Schedule - 3/9/2020 - 3/15/2020

Some sort of Community Event during the beginning of the week and a tournament at the end. Otherwise business as usual.


Looks like Gillicus for the tournament this weekend:

Level 10:

Level 40:


Does this mean that this week’s tourney will be Aqua and not Jurassic? I have like 6 aquatics… :frowning:

Ludia you are misleading us . How is Gillicus tournament supposed to be new ?

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I know that many of us will not agree but I’m really longing for a cenezoic, aquatic or mod tournament from time to time. There was no tournament with rules for many months too.
Always the same tournament week for week begins to be a little bit boring for me.


100% agree with @Tommi! If we’re going to have a tournament every single weekend… some level of variety/challenge would be amazing.


Maybe just maybe that will change to a leedsichthys.

The icon on the calendar shows Jurassic. I agree with @Tommi though, we really could stand to have an aquatic or ceno tournament one of these days. I have a hard time wanting to put much effort into these creatures when they are so under-utilized in the game.

Happy for the Gillicus though, missed getting this one the last time it was available. Seems like the “new tournament every week” means nothing more than what we already typically have, tournaments every week.

Now if they would just give us unlocks we actually need and not keep recycling ones that have been done already recently.


Other than Mods, I agree with @Tommi and @Mary_Jo, a little variety in the tournaments would be appreciated: Aquatics, Cenozoics, or Rules

I have to admit, I’m warming up more to the idea of a mod tournament maybe a few times a year. I work so hard every day collecting coins to buy mods and timing it around when my custom trades refresh so I can maximize my coins for those as well, and have built up such a nice stash that I keep specifically for mod tournaments that now I’d feel cheated if they didn’t show up again!

Not as big a fan of Rules tournaments in terms of restricting classes or rarity types… but can’t say I’ve had too much trouble with them either.


In case you haven’t seen it, the Community Event is a PVP challenge. We’re closing in on the halfway point, although I’m certain the tournament helped with that. The big reward is 4000 DNA


For some reason, the tournament didn’t register for mine. I did a PVP earlier and it gave me the SDNA for participating… dunno if I wasn’t “involved” in the event before… but just as heads up to everyone, idk if the tournament helped. I also didn’t play any of the tournament after 8 am today so it could be that as well. If anyone is unsure, check the status of your SDNA for participating in the event. If it hasn’t been unlocked/claimed, one PVP will cover it.

I’m confined to home office because of Corona virus.
So sad…moment…this is the first time in many weeks that I can participate in the hatchery discount…Yippee!


Always look on the bright side of things, right?

We’re getting super-low gas prices here as a result of the virus keeping everyone home, so not complaining. Gotta laugh at the way toilet paper has disappeared off the shelves though!

I’m trying to figure out exactly what time the discount today will be… seems like everytime I’ve got it figured out, we hit another Daylight Savings change.

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For the first time in weeks I did the fight for funds event only because of the clash of titans here are some pictures of what I was up against normally not worth the dinosaurs based on the pay out for some reason I lost the picture of the last round


It seems that it adjusted with DST because I hit the last 15 minutes of it (6a-8a MST). It’s usually earlier than I would wake up by a good ways for MST so I never plan on hitting it. But was pleasantly surprised to get some hatching in during that 15 minutes!

Did anyone get s-DNA for the Synthetoceras unlock event today? @Ned, should we have?

Doesn’t seem to have been adjusted to me… but that’s why it’s an hour later now. Because our clocks have moved forward, but it’s remained at the same time… so seems to be an hour later in the day to us as a result. Make sense?

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Yup! That does make sense. Overall I just don’t plan for the discounts very much… Hatchery is the main one of interest, but can never get it. Market is the only other one I feel like I use at all… but forget to plan to hit that one. lol

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