Weekly Schedule - 4/13/2020-4/19/2020

Oh my, this week looks promising. No unlocks though… still looking for the pyro. They say it will have unlocks on thursday, not on the list


The rewards on the Gyrosphere didn’t look so hot. Am I missing something?

Being 250DB for 750DNA and a 78% chance of 25SDNA/22% for something else.

And something else is those stupid little chicken guys that I don’t like.


I was wondering if that gyrophere was decent. It is my first gyrophere event ans thought they were supposed to be op

Gyrosphere events rarely are worth the investment. The consensus of the forum is that there have been two in the last 15 months or so worth doing: the Easter Dodo this time last year and the Raptor Squad back in January


For those who want to do the Gyrosphere event, all opponents are herbivores.

  • 1st fight, one with over 8,000 health and more than 3,500 attack.
  • 2nd fight, two with almost 5,000 health and more than 2,000 attack.
  • 3rd fight, three with the same strength as the 2nd.

Not too difficult if you knew they are only herbivores and choose carnivores on your side. I’ve got SDNA and 750 DNA and some loyalty points. It’s up to you if you think that’s worth 75 dinobucks.


I agree with @Andy_wan_kenobi


Fairly easy and a cheap (as far as Gyrosphere events go). For those of you who are curious about Gyrospheres, this wouldn’t be the worst one to try out.

Well, decided to try it a few times. Took me 8 matches to get something special (1st was a lost because didnt know it was only herbs and so picked a few ptero due to better stats. Then it took me 7 wins to get Kelenken. Probably not worth the investment still. I only got velociratpor DNA twice, which means I got 4 DNA from the other creatures. Still not worth it but this was my first real gyrosphere. Only tried it one or two times when I started playing (intermidiate) and so really wanted to get something. I said I was going to play it 10 times. Not sure if I should play it three more times as the odds are really low (3%)


The Community Event is hatching creatures. Make sure you hatch something to get the rewards


I saw this and my first thought was that it was a bit of a tease to provide such an amazing hatchery discount the day before this community event started!


Same here @BruceRex, I spent 30K DB yesterday hatching.

Then the thought of Ludia wanting us to fail crossed my mind :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Since I was able to cheaply (relatively) hatch out a bunch of tournament creatures yesterday,
I used the fusion discount to unlock another hybrid.

And then there were 8. (To go)


Yes!!! Another gen 2 fury. I believe this is T Rex #7? I’ll be honest, I enjoyed the indominus rex gyrosphere awhile back. It was pretty pricy, 1,000 DB per entry but I got like 5 of them out of 15 tries so I did okay.

Can’t wait for indominus 2 tho. It’s one of the last 2 hybrids I need to unlock. The other being segno.


For me it will be indeed the 7th 2nd gen T-rex…
1 more to go for a lvl 40 beauty.

I’ve got 6 Velociraptors 2nd gen as well… So who knows my first indominus will be a 2nd gen as well? :slight_smile:

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Looks like the sabre cat himself, Smilodon, is about to roar his way into the next tournament.
I think @Mary_Jo will be happy to finally unlock Diego :grinning:


You got that right!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: I have been waiting for this one for quite some time, to make what is my favorite hybrid in the game! So much so that I put out quite a few LPs to acquire a couple of the deer cats without it.


I’m a bit late to the party (but you know me, I like to make an entrance), but for anyone on the fence about doing the Dodo Gyrosphere, I’d recommend doing it. The reward pack is worth the 75 dinobuck cost, but there are two other things that I’d submit make it worthwhile:

  1. The gyrosphere battle arena. The art of the battle arenas in this game is beautiful; I love the helicopter pad and the old visitor’s center; even the underwater dome and arena are beautiful. The gyrosphere battle arena is a beach around sunset/sunrise with a dropped dino cage; it’s gorgeous. The only time you get to see it is in the gyrosphere, so it’s pretty lovely.

  2. The creatures. You get to play with high-level creatures like Proceratosaurus and Rajastega. It took me over two years before I got these creatures in my own playing, so it’s fun to get to play with endgame creatures. How often can you do that?

If you pass on the Dodo gyrosphere, it’s not the end of the world. But if you’re undecided, it’s quite worth it as long as you get all carnivores and then play smart to win (the consolation prizes are utterly terrible and add injury to insult).


But does the gyrosphere difficulty adjust to the creature’s you bring, or how does it exactly work?

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The one for 75 DB seems to adjust the first battle.

I see anywhere from 9K HP to 13K. Similar attack.

It seems to change according to the carnivores I pick and not wanting to one-hit my highest HP dino when I use block as my first action.

I don’t pay attention to the other 2 battles because their ferocity are very similar to each other.