Weekly Schedule - 4/13/2020-4/19/2020

You got that right!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: I have been waiting for this one for quite some time, to make what is my favorite hybrid in the game! So much so that I put out quite a few LPs to acquire a couple of the deer cats without it.


I’m a bit late to the party (but you know me, I like to make an entrance), but for anyone on the fence about doing the Dodo Gyrosphere, I’d recommend doing it. The reward pack is worth the 75 dinobuck cost, but there are two other things that I’d submit make it worthwhile:

  1. The gyrosphere battle arena. The art of the battle arenas in this game is beautiful; I love the helicopter pad and the old visitor’s center; even the underwater dome and arena are beautiful. The gyrosphere battle arena is a beach around sunset/sunrise with a dropped dino cage; it’s gorgeous. The only time you get to see it is in the gyrosphere, so it’s pretty lovely.

  2. The creatures. You get to play with high-level creatures like Proceratosaurus and Rajastega. It took me over two years before I got these creatures in my own playing, so it’s fun to get to play with endgame creatures. How often can you do that?

If you pass on the Dodo gyrosphere, it’s not the end of the world. But if you’re undecided, it’s quite worth it as long as you get all carnivores and then play smart to win (the consolation prizes are utterly terrible and add injury to insult).


But does the gyrosphere difficulty adjust to the creature’s you bring, or how does it exactly work?

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The one for 75 DB seems to adjust the first battle.

I see anywhere from 9K HP to 13K. Similar attack.

It seems to change according to the carnivores I pick and not wanting to one-hit my highest HP dino when I use block as my first action.

I don’t pay attention to the other 2 battles because their ferocity are very similar to each other.


Yes. I played over 10 dodo gyrosphere and I never had the same lvl opponents. My first fight ranged from lvl 800 to lvl 1000+. And the other two battles were the same thing. For example, if I got indoraptor lvl 3, the enemy lvls were always higher. But if I got the lvl 1 indoraptor they would be easier. Nonetheless, the fights are easy IMO. You just use carns. I dont even have to think. I use the first carn as a meat shield and I had two times were I managed to only loose one dino in all three fights.
@HanSoloWannaBe not sure if the odds are that great. I only managed to get the 7% tournament creature after 8 tries. I was going to stop there but decided to try it 8 times more and didnt get another copy. Not sure if I should try more times.
Edit: Tried three more times and got another Kelenken. Still no Gastornis though


@Belboxtel: the opponents are comparable to whatever creatures you pick in your initial draft.

@Bruno_Pereira, I don’t play this gyrosphere for that fourth card. On the selfish side, I’ve already got Kelenken and Gastornis up to level 40 from previous playing, especially back before the great Cenozoic shuffle a few months ago. Even so, the real incentive for me to play is to farm DNA. Trading 75 dinobucks for 750 DNA (plus some S-DNA or a creature that I will then trade for DNA or loyalty points) is a good deal, especially given my reasons above for thinking the gyrosphere arena is beautiful and the fun of playing with high-level endgame creatures.

So it boils down to whether or not you think it’s worth it. For me, it is. I would not recommend playing if your goal is to get terror bird cards. The odds are definitely not in your favor.

If it helps anybody, here’s my general strategy: I pick the Indoraptor, the Rajastega, the Gorgosaurus, the Proceratosaurus, and the Tanycolagreus.

First match always has Tanycolagreus lead off, following by Proceratosaurus or Indoraptor. As many of you have mentioned, the goal is to keep Tanycolagreus alive as long as possible, usually by blocking for the first three turns. Once I get up to having four actions points, I reserve all four and let the Dodo kill poor Tany. Then I have Indy or Proto unleash everything to make Kentucky Fried Dodo.

Second match, Gorgosaurus leads off, following by Indy and Proto (Rajastega is saved for lead-off position in match 3). As with Tany. Gorgo’s goal is to stay alive as long as possible to build up reserve. If I’m lucky, Dodo 1 burns enough attacks that I can have Gorgo kill him. If not, Indy or Proto does. The trick is to keep Indy and Proto both alive, which isn’t too hard if I’ve kept enough reserve so that I can block enough (usually three blocks) and keep two reserve (it usually takes two hits for Indy or Proto to kill the Dodos in match 2).

Third match is business as usual: Rajastega leads off as meat shield (sometimes if she gets lucky, she can taste some chicken feathers), then Indy and Proto come in and play clean-up crew. I get my 750 DNA and super DNA (oh, and the whopping 35 loyalty points!) and ride off into the gyrosphere sunset.

Your mileage may vary, of course, but I hope sharing this strategy can be helpful for some who could use DNA/fun/S-DNA/maybe a terror bird or two.


Well, I dont even have those creatures so getting them is always the best prize I can get. Nonetheless, I share your opinion that playing this gyrosphere is a different experience. I love using that indoraptor :heart_eyes:
I stopped playing it yesterday and promised myself I wont play it again. I managed to get lucky on pvp arena and got 400 bucks so I used them to play the gyrosphere yesterday. Got a second copy of that 7% tournament creature so cant really complain. But I made up my mind that it is impossible to get that other tournament bird. I hope there are more gyrosphere in the near future as I actually enjoyed it. Specially if the prizes are better ahah.
My strat is very basic, I dont even have one. I just use my indoraptor as second dino and my first dino as a meat shield. Dont even look at the AI strategy most of the times. Only had one close battle due to miss calculating the opponent dino attack but still no big problems.
I must say that it is completely different for me to calculate the opponent dmg with this higher attack stats. I am used of fighting against dinos with 100 - 500 dmg so, normally I can calculate in my mind how much damage it will do if he does 2 attack or 3 or 4. But doing this with 2000-3000 damage and then calculate how much damage it will be with 2 or 3 attacks is completely different. Most of the times I end up messing completely ahaha Not used to so high dmg stats at all

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Don’t tell anybody, but I have a calculator nearby when I play. :wink:


That was a good one!
I already thought about that :thinking: maybe is time to start using one

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Ayyyyy!! Confirmed! :tada:

@Belboxtel seems like we are on track! Put the new one in the hatchery this morning. I also have six raptors because I didn’t missed the glitch that gave some the opportunity at an extra one of the first rounds. We should have a gen 2 indominus in another month or two it seems :tada:


This Rajastega is one hell of a survivor


I remember getting down to a single health point during one of my raptor gyrospheres a few months back. Wish I could have gotten a photo but the game crashes more often than not these days when I try doing screenshots.

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Surprised no one else mentioned the missing event today…no Rarity Rumble! I know it wasn’t just me as some other people on FB mentioned it too. Felt really weird having so little to do on a Saturday.

There’s a dedicated topic on this here.

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Oh weird, wonder how I missed that. Well, maybe that event will show up tomorrow instead.

I was begging to wonder if this prize still existed in MOD PVP, feel like I stumbled upon a unicorn…


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On Thursday, did anyone have an unlock other than Pliosaurus? If so, please give me your level and the unlock. Thanks