Weekly Schedule - 4/15/2019 - 4/21/2019

OMG the Sarkastodon unlock event that has never come is finally here!!!


Anyone else have their Clash of the Titans event go missing? None of the daily events have Titan medals on them either…

I lost out the Mosasaurus the first time because of the tournament glitch… I will not be happy if I lose it again… I had teen medals left to get.

Same here. I hope we don’t miss the Mosasaurus. It’s THE Jurassic World aquatic creature.

I have no issues with Clash this morning. Make sure you have restarted your device and then log back in to the game (sometimes this helps). If you still have the issue after that make sure you send an email to the support team or contact them via the in game help message system.

Hm I wonder what the tournament prize will be this week. Here’s to hoping it’s for one of these dinos:

Darwinopterus, Tupuxuara, Eryops, Archelon, Bananogmius, or Titanoboa because I have yet to own any of those.

Every time I see a “have X raptor fight with Eryops” in the raptor paddock, I cry a little.


Titanaboa, Tupuxuara, Archelon, and Eyrops have all had tournaments since I started playing in September. Additionally, Bananogmius has been one of the choices for Clash of Titans ever since the polls started. So, I wouldn’t hold my breath on and of those creatures

I hope it’s for one of these three:

These are the last three tournament creatures for me that I Have locked.

On one hand, it want it to be Yutyrannus, because it’s one of my favourites. One the other hand, my Cenozoics aren’t great for tournaments. I have two tournament creatures and a VIP at 10, a legendary at 20, two super rares at 30, and some rares at 40 and 30. So i may miss it.
We’ll see what happens.
Edit: It’s Gillicus. Can’t say i care about fish in general, unfortunately.

Will be interesting to see if there will be limiting rules for this tournament…