Weekly Schedule - 4/22/2019 - 4/28/2019

Schedule is up for next week:

Link to the FB page:FB Schedule Link

Looks like an aquatic tournament this weekend.

In the “looking ahead” post, they said that there would be two tournaments at the same time, but the schedule above only shows one. Did the plans change?
Not complaining though. Two tourneys at the same time is insanity personified.

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Maybe the double tournament is for the first weekend of May? But I agree with you, two at the same time would be a little hectic, but tbh, I don’t mind them, end up winning a lot of DNA from them which I’m all for.

Hopefully, rational thought prevailed and Ludia moved away from this asinine thought

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That is odd, I wonder if they look at the last week of April being the one that starts 4/29 and goes through 5/5?
Looking Ahead

Week one:

Week two:

Week three:

Week four:
Up above.

The looking ahead post said two bosses, which we have had the Death Dodo and the Juggernaut.
It also said there would be four tournaments, we have had two and one more scheduled for next Friday so either they are going to through another one at us this Friday as a surprise, or it will be the following week.

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Here is the text from the looking ahead post

"Prepare for a month full of dynamic Tournaments! In April, we will have four totally unique tournaments! The first will be a rules tournament (Super Rares only) in which players will also need to use Aquatic creatures, the second will require that players use their Cenozoic creatures, and finally, there will be 2 tournaments occurring simultaneously over the final weekend of April - one will require Aquatic creatures and the other Cenozoic!

In addition, there will be two Boss events and an update!

Sneak Peek at May:
There’s a new Boss lurking nearby… will it poke its head out in May?"

Again, my hope is that Ludia changed their minds

Hey does anyone know if the panochthus will be released with an event to unlock it because when the hauffiosaurus was released it didn’t have an event and it really frustrates me

We will see, but if the pack that was released a few weeks back that had him in was any indication it is a standard legendary which means it would only be unlock-able during the weekly event that starts on Mondays. Unless of course Ludia strays from their standard practice on releasing legendaries with this guy.

I mean, it’s possible they might have upgraded it to unique so they can use it for the weekend tourney. But we already have two cavern uniques with the snakes.Unless they choose to change it to Savannah.
Also, I was thinking maybe it’s a hybrid, but there’s nothing about it that looks anything like a hybrid.