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Weekly Schedule 4/26/21 to 5/02/21

This weeks schedule has diploboa double tournament like armormata


So hard to do tournaments during the work day. At least they continue into the weekend. I may not hit these tournaments hard until Friday afternoon after work.


Approximately how much trophee will it require for one of them(dilo gen 2)

Last time we had concurrent 7 day tournaments they each took between 1500-1800 trophies to finish in Dominator.


so the normal number, it is pretty easy to get one !!!

A little tougher since you have two tournaments to work on at the same time.


I am going to do one only so I can easily get it!!!

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My strategy is this…

  1. Get to dominator on the titanaboa tournament because i don’t have it and I have dilo gen 2

  2. Get the trophy amount needed then switch over to the dilo gen 2 and try to get him.

With the rooster I have I think it’s achievable


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Will the battle be more difficult??

Same as usual tournaments

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Cool will try to get dom on dilophosaurus gen 2

Me too. Hopefully i can get him

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So annoying were not on vacation, I hope they get us a cool tournament for the summer vacation

I was just thinking of when we were going to get another Spinosaurus unlock, I’m crying lol

I hope we gwt a major update for summer

I just want a cot for lower level creature, once a month the community chose and we get a special unlock for a rare, or super rare or legendary.

How sure are we that one of these tournaments is for Titanoboa? It doesn’t match previous iconography. Admittedly, that may or may not mean anything, as they have changed before

Previous Dilophosaurus Gen 2

Previous Titanoboa


I mean, didn’t they use Trike Gen 2’s to promote Gorgo?

Dilo gen 2s looks close enough

Also since this banner is much longer than the usual ones they probably can’t reuse the standard tournament banners and may have made new ones for both.

So, the Triceratops Gen 2/Gorgosaurus icon is also used by Stygimoloch. In fact Stygimoloch used it twice before Triceratops Gen 2 came around. Gorgosaurus had not had a tournament since Ludia switched to these icons on the weekly schedule. Many creatures have not, as this only dates back to the week of 5/4/2020.

I could not find a great match for 2nd icon. The best I found was Indominus rex Gen 2

At least once, Ludia has changed icons