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Weekly Schedule 4/26/21 to 5/02/21

Ooh another double tourney. Should be easier than the armormata double. My lineup’s much more developed now

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And then Ludia posts this



I have Titanoboa already. Dilo Gen 2 time :slightly_smiling_face:

10 ch

What I found easy was to tackle one tournament at the start of the week and then focus on the other one at the end of the week, allows you to use more of your roster this way.

Good luck to everyone that needs these unlocks.


That what my strategy is for the double tournament this week

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For me, I already have both unlocked and need 2 more copies of Titana so I can fuse her.

I just hope Dilophoba has her hybrid unlocked during the tournament so I can fuse her without waiting another week to do so…


Should be the same procedure as armormata, players were able to fuse on the week of the tournament and within the newsletter it also states that dilophoboa will be released on the 26th.


As I figured, I’m just not simpatico with Ludia ATM.

We’ve had one week-long tournament and one double week-long tournament.

Mosasaurus Gen 2 (5/11/2020) was week-long and froze at 1477 after three days

The Armormata Fusion tournaments (Mosasaurus Gen 2 and Nodosaurus 11/16/2020) advanced very slowly and finished between 1500 and 1800 trophies


sad, my line-up still is not yet good enough to stay in dom so ill just go for predator league on both tournaments

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On the bright side, these aren’t new dinos. So you’re not missing out on anything new. One of them is a Cenozoic and you probably aren’t too concerned with those yet. Look at the positive, you get a chance at two legendary card packs :wink:


yeah ill do my best in a tournament if it was indom gen 2 haha

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Why was this flagged?

No idea

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Also should we do 1 thread or two separate ones

1 thread for the tourney. It is already created

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i love dilophoboa, but i don’t have dilophosaurus gen 2 and i don’t have titanoboa, is there a chance i have both :sob:

here are my dinosaurs