Weekly Schedule - 4/29/2019 - 5/5/2019

This is… wierd. A tournament starts the day after another finishes? We have lives dammit.


At least the tournament is Cenozoic, would be hard juggling my dinosaurs with a tournament and battle events.


And there’s the promised Cenozoic tournament. Plus a VIP. Haven’t had one of those in awhile.

For what it’s worth, the PvP event will coincide with the Cenozoic tournament. That’ll be helpful.


I wonder what PvP as a community event entails? We fight one another?

Probably a certain number of matches done over the time frame and we will probably get a SDNA pack for reaching the goals. Similar to the hatching or evolving events.


VIP tournament :Pogchamp:

I recall we had those before, but not in quite a while.

Is a VIP tournament the same as the regular ones, but limited to VIPs? I’ll be curious to see how that works out for me.

Dang, not much time before this Ceno tournament. Wish I had a bit more time to hatch out some of the newer ones I have. Doesn’t help that I have 3 of my spots locked up hatching some of my legendary backlog.

VIP player exclusive. Usually for a VIP creature pack (think like the 20k packs). This does not unlock the creature for future purchase but is a great bonus to your resources and creatures.


Cool thanks. Probably regular jurassic lineups I assume.


This week is hecka turned upside down.

First, the Kelenken is the dino unlock, which I already have (Ludia please have a Hauffiosaurus, Rhizodus, or Panochthus (the new Cenozoic) unlock event since I have yet to unlock those dinos).

Then we have a week long tournament from Tuesday to Friday, as well as what seems to be a VIP tournament on Saturday. The main tournament seems to be Cenozoic only, so dust off those Cenozoics.

With the Raptor Paddock being renovated, there is no boosted event over the weekend, but instead there is a Sunday battle with Aquatic Dinos.

Finally, with the Clash Of Titans ending on May 3rd we might see who the next unlock is for May. I believe I voted for the Umoonasaurus.

I am curious about what the VIP creature will be for the VIP tournament.
But I’m not really keen on a tournament going on throughout most of the week, sense most people will be at work or at school/college. Having said that, it is Cenozoic. Which I did enjoy more than the normal dinosaur tournament.

It would be awesome if the VIP tournament would be for this: New VIP Aquatic creature

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Aquatic wave, if I recall correctly, is where your three creatures have to defeat a line-up of 9 enemies. I think it was “Dino Stampede” or something like that before. It was one of my least favorite events and one I was glad to see go.


There’s one variant were you have to do it once and another where you have to do it three times.

Speaking of least favorite events, I don’t like the one where all three creatures have to survive


Truth, and come to think of it, that one has gone away for a while. Thank goodness. Thank you, Ludia, for removing them.

Now, about PvE matchmaking…

Who knows? Maybe somehow the raptor paddock renovation will fix the PvE matchmaking. Imagine how much better it would be if you could use boosters in your regular PvE? That’d make me visit the raptor pen a bunch more, and it could actually give me a potential way to do the PvE matches and maybe even use that 16k+ Velociraptor DNA I have to make some Indoraptors!


In my memory the events where all creatures had to survive were not very challenging.

Having all creatures survive required a different method of playing on my account. I typically treat them as disposable. Do your job, then pass reserve points to the next creature. The level of difficulty also depended on what else was going on and competing for those top-level creatures.


My method was more a kind of brute force. I always placed one of my level 40 VIPs, preferred one was Tanycolagreus, and let him finish the job.
I also liked the ‘defeat 9 oppenents’ event, where I used the same sophisticated method.

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