Weekly Schedule - 4/8/2019 - 4/14/2019

It looks like we’ll be getting a boss and a tournament over the weekend. I’d say the boss is for land, possibly cenozoic, and the tournament was for the aquatic park, since it was said that one of the limitations are super rare aquatic dinos:

“In April, we will have four totally unique tournaments! The first will be a rules tournament (Super Rares only) in which players will also need to use Aquatic creatures”

[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Looking Ahead: April 2019

This week will be interesting, and I wonder how the aquatic tournament will go. I myself am scared because I never built up my super rare park because of how uneventful the stats are for the aquatic dinos, but I have hope.

Kinda a bummer that the Styxosaurus is the dino being unlocked, because AFAIK the Hauffiosaurus is still new with no unlock method yet, and is only obtainable in a few cardpacks and prize wheels.


It’s not a coincidence that they released a new super rare aquatic hybrid, just before a super rare aquatic tournament. Those interested should get ready to be swarmed by Dakodermas. I’ll pass and do the boss battle instead. Delicious, nutricious DNA!


I got the dakoderma but rest of my super rare aquatics suck.
Now if they rank me according to whatever super rares I have, then game on.
Otherwise, game’s already rigged against me.
Big time, coz bulk of my aquatic strength lies in VIP dinos.

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What are the level 10 Dakoderma stats?

Level 10: 551 , 402 (health , attack)
Level 20: 944 , 688
Level 30: 1439 , 1049
Level 40: 2036 , 1485

Cost is 28,000 DNA per creature

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Am out of the styx unlock already, I can’t win the 2nd battle

Show us what you got and who you’re fighting.
Andy here once helped me out of a fix.

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Thanks. I don’t have Psephoderma unlocked and wanted to know if I should go against my policy and unlock the hybrid for this weekend

My only 2 good super rare aquatic dinos are my lvl 20 Dakoderma (I just evolved it) and 2 lvl 20 Leptostegas. Everything else is around level 20, and/or lvl 10, with a few at level 30.

Here’s to hoping the dominator reward isn’t something I want… or need :dizzy_face:

I’m not a fan of how close these “tournament filled” months are. We just had March Matches. A break (longer than a week) would be great.
Worst case scenario, i’ll miss the dino i want. But i really do need a break and well, the lottery is still an option if that happens.

For me the tournament is always the highlight of the week. There could be one every weekend.

I unlocked it! Took a couple of chances on my 2nd attempt at the 2nd battle and it paid off. My 5th VIP battle is a mofo though. Might need help when CD is more affordable

Looks like the boss will be another herbivore. My carnivores can’t wait

If so, then great chance to grab some dna and bucks.
Doesn’t sound like I’ll get very far in the restricted tournament format anyway.

Looks like it’s the Juggernaut for the boss, looking forward to it since it is a) a herbivore which means my carnivores will make quick work, b) it is one of the boss statues I actually do not own yet.


Does anyone here hope that he has enough super rare aquatics to succeed in the upcoming tournament?
I always hatched and evolved them when I got one but never put too much attention on them.
As an example how hard this tournament will be for me I am still not able to hatch Dakoderma, who is probably the strongest super rare, because my Psephoderma is still locked after more than 2.5 years of playing. I am afraid I will see ‘thousands’ of Level 40 Dakoderma in the next days.


Sure I hope I can compete. That said, if we need hybrids to win, I’m out. Currently, I have a level 10 Dakoderma with one more on the way and a level 20 Leptostega with another one in the que. After that, most of my normal aquatic super-rares are at level 40, although there are a few that aren’t because I haven’t unlocked them. We shall see.


I’m with Andy here. If level 40 of regular super rares won’t cut it, I’ll focus on the boss event. Same situation with dako and my lepto is only at 10, one in queue. In any case, already got deino unlocked, so, ok letting this one go.


I will be making a push for it, but will see what that looks like, I have around 50 Aquatic super rares with about the top 17ish being level 40 regulars or hybrids. Only 2 level 20 hybrids which are at the top of that list with the ability to make two more level 20s if need be. Going to feel out the tournament to see what will be needed. It’s been awhile but the last Cenozoic tournament had a long run up where just rare creatures worked in the battle. I am hoping this will be similar so that I will be able to utilize a lot of mixes of 1 level 40 with level 10s and 20s for most of the top battles. I have not unlocked the Deinocheirus yet so I will be actively striving for that purpose. Based on the rare tournament a few weeks ago I am assuming there is going to be a higher battle ratio required since the cool down of these creatures will be accelerated when compared to there legendary counterparts.


I can already tell this tournament is going to suck for me. As a newbie I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of doing well in these PvPs, and definitely not enough depth in my aquatics, although I do have a bunch of nice ones I haven’t hatched yet. Probably will spend more of my time on the boss event for that reason… but still need to finish my taxes over the weekend too! (Why do I always procrastinate on these things?!)