Weekly Schedule - 4/8/2019 - 4/14/2019

See it that way: You will end in some league, hopefully not the lowest one, acquire a lot of experience and you will get a reward in the end.

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Yup, that’s what I figure. Even the one win I managed to get already pushed me up to a reward that would be worth having for me. I figure the other players at my level probably suck at PvP as much as I do!

Experience is apparently ALL I’m going to get out of this. 5 loses to 1 win so far. I just totally suck at this.

What are your aquatic creatures and what league are you in right now?

Currently my one sad little one win has me in Survivor League. I have a good number of aquatics but they tend to be bunched together by class, and short on surface ones in particular, but I do try to use one from each class so I don’t end up totally on the losing side of the class matchups. I definitely know immediately when I’ve screwed the game up but just not very good at anticipating what the AI will do, let alone playing in a way that what he does doesn’t matter. Mostly I am not sure when to swap when he’s got a class advantage vs when to just reserve my points and let him take me out. I also tend to guess wrong when I think I have enough hits to kill him, but fall short.

I seem to do best if I use those onchos as a meat shield, with the other two from the ones down near them in level, so far that seemed to be the only lineup that worked for me since the AI almost always puts a class in first that has the advantage over mine, and particularly if I use any from the higher end of my list, their creatures would WAY overpower mine. But even that isn’t working now, my last two attempts I used only these lower level creatures, but I got matched with ones that all had twice the stats and had absolutely no chance at all.

I did make it up to Predator league with a couple of additional wins though, so if I stay there I certainly would be happy. But that seems to be when the computer started throwing completely unbeatable lineups at me. Are they using a different set of rules for this than a normal PvP? I thought you got matched according to the stats of the ones you put up, but it doesn’t seem to be doing that.

During a tournament you get a matchup that is doable if you are bring a team that is appropriate for that leagues level. The game will not allow you to “sandbag” up to Dominator. Esencially each league has an appropriate ferocity score for that league, if you bring a team within the appropriate range you get a daily even matchup. However if you sandbag either based on not having higher level creatures or trying to get another battle out of lower level creatures before moving up your line up (I do this in every tournament) the game will punish you with an impossible match. Basically telling you that teams ferocity score does not belong in this league.

Looking at your top three aquatics the average ferocity score I get is 645.5, I attempted a predictor battle with a team that had an average ferocity score of 685.3 and was matched against a team with an average of 1641 which is the game telling me up your team or don’t come back. My next battle after losing that one I brought a team with an average at 1183 and got a matched opponent with a score of 799.9. The second battle I did in predator I brought a team with a score of 967.7 and got matched with a team that had a score of 1408 I managed to win this battle even though the team I was facing was 45% stronger than mine and because of the disparity in strength I received 37 trophies instead of the previous battle where I only got 29 trophies when I had the 32% strength advantage.

Long story short your team is more than likely not strong enough to stay in predator this time unless you can hatch and evolve some creatures to bring up your ability to bring a stronger team to the table.


Okay thanks, I figured it had to be something like that, but just wasn’t sure where to find information on what I needed to put up exactly. Unfortunately I just don’t have much that I can hatch out other than Legendaries, which I have quite a few good aquatics in, but won’t help me in this. I’ve hatched all the super rare cards I had, the aquatics are too expensive for me to get via DNA only right now - even if I wanted to do that just for this. So I guess I’ll have to sit it out for the most part, at least until I get bumped back down a level or two.

I did go over and play a regular PvP with some of my aquatics that aren’t usable for this one, just to remind myself that I’m not THAT bad at this. Was nice to get an easy win after all those crushing defeats. :wink:

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Unfortunately (I really don’t like this), it took me about ten months of playing before I could really be a contender in the tournaments. I wish anyone could place in the tourneys; I think the match-ups should be like PvP, even based on what creatures you bring to the fight, but the tougher your team and opponents, the more trophies you win. Thus folks with weaker creatures could still have a chance if they played enough. But Ludia hasn’t yet sent me my consulting contract. :slight_smile:

It will take a long time (or a lot of money) for a player to be viable in tournaments. In the meanwhile, be patient and have fun in other ways. The game is good at having a number of things to do.


Well it does make sense the way Sionsith explained it so you can’t just sandbag it against everyone else. But it would be nice if players were put in brackets based on the creatures they currently have and then just compete against each other. Other games I’ve played do this and it’s nice to know no matter what level you’re at, you can play enough to win the top prize(s). I do though still keep jumping up to Predator (would be nice if I could hit something good on the wheel when I do but no luck with that so far) but definitely don’t even try to play again until it bumps me back down.

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I feel you.
There’s another way of unlocking tourney creatures though. Once you hit lvl 45 (if you haven’t already), you’ll be able to unlock an event called Clash of Titans. Complete that, and you unlock a tourney creature. It’s a great alternative to tournaments, allowing you to get cool stuff, while you work on having enough high level dinos to be able to hit Dominator.


Thanks for that information… I am right at Level 45 and yes, I have been working on completing all the events to unlock the Clash of Titans, that’s exciting to know you get a tourny creature at the end. So far I haven’t had any trouble completing those since I know the lineup I am up against, so hopefully the final one won’t be significantly harder than the others have been. The boss battle is nice to have as well to earn a lot of DNA and even some DBs, even though I get to a point where the time needed to grind it out with what I have now is just too tedious.

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Every once in awhile Ludia does what they call a bracketed tournament where the players are divided up by levels with each level getting a different creature. Unfortunately for you, the cutoff to enter the highest level is 50, so there’s a very good chance that you’ll be in the top level whenever bracketed tournaments roll around again

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@Kiarash_Bahar - replied to you earlier but the forum marked that message for review for some reason, I expect it will show up eventually. But yes I am at level 45 and close to having the Clash of Titans unlocked. Excited to hear that will include a tourny creature!

@Andy_wan_kenobi - Thanks for the heads-up! That’s cool that they do run a tournament like that, but sounds like a good reason to not keep leveling up if possible in the hopes they run one in the not-distant future. :wink:

Seems like the super-rare aquatics-only requirement for this one may have worked out in my favor as I’ve still been able to hang onto a placement in the Predator division. I guess there’s a wide gap between those that have enough leveled up SRs to get into Dominator level and those that never put much into acquiring aquatics. Probably will need at least one or two more wins before it’s over to stay in there, but at least I have a good shot, and my luck these days seems to have turned for the better (knock on wood). Landed on Gold packs for my last two PvP battles, making a total of FOUR of them I’ve won in the last week (from Intermediate level) and that’s only playing them to fulfill my daily missions for the most part (and getting MUCH better at winning consistently thanks to the help from folks on here). Definitely can’t say it isn’t worth playing with that kind of return on investment!


Woot, finished in Predator after all! I think I would have ended up there regardless, but did start trying to play a few battles while I was in that league to try and get something good off the prize wheel, and did manage one win… and just got a bit of food for it. I actually came really close to winning most of the time even though I was pretty overmatched, but always fell just one attack or defense point short at the end. The AI on the tournament seemed a bit more intelligent than in the PvP, in terms of using only the points it needed to get a kill. In the PvP it seems to like using the max points ti kill even when it doesn’t need to, giving you a bit more of a chance when you get a bad lineup. I’m in that situation now with the last round of Glacial Shifts, where it’s giving me a lineup that is an average ferocity that’s 20% better than anything I can put up (and those would not be an ideal lineup either). So going to take some spot-on strategy to win that one.

Just faced my first lvl 40+ abomination. It was a lvl 97 Helicoprion in the unlock event. I feel a brand new era has started for me…


@Andy_wan_kenobi - Well so much for my commitment to try and slow down with leveling up… already at level 49! I’m just having too much fun playing and after that boss event, had all that DNA to spend! :wink: That’s kind of silly that level 50 is their highest bracket though. I’m nowhere close to most of you on this forum. Mainly because even though I’ve been continuing to hatch and evolve my dinosaurs, I’ve tried to not evolve anything higher than what I already have, working more on getting all my commons and rares up to level 40 and mostly just getting more depth at the top rather than going higher, which has been a very successful strategy for the PvE stuff. Hardly ever lose those now, only had one loss in getting through the Herbs vs. Ptero battles today (and that was just a dumb mistake on my part), not long ago I would have thought those were unwinnable! Oh well, I’d have been super annoyed if I held off on doing much in the game in hopes of a bracketed tourny showing up when it sounds like they don’t run them very often.

I’m curious though if the current schedule is typical? I’m loving having all these events to play in, and how they keep unlocking new events if you complete them but I imagine it’s really difficult for those who have much longer cool-down times, when they have other things like the tourny and boss events running at the same time too. I’ve kept my cool-downs to around 2 hours max so even for the ones where I need to use the same ones across multiple events it’s not a big problem for me.

Oh and my luck continues! Won the tourny dino in the lottery today. Usually don’t even play other than the first batch of tickets for free/gold as I need all the dino bucks and dna I can get, and prefer saving my loyalty points for the gold packs since I’m guaranteed something in those that I can use and likely don’t even have yet, but just thought I’d try doing the loyalty points one enough to unlock the gold reward this time around… and it sure paid off for me!

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I think I was just over level 50 (53 or so) when I encountered my first bracketed tournament. Being so close to the bottom of the bracket, I got my clock cleaned. Since then, I’ve seen one or two others. I’ve been playing since September, so that would work out to approximately quarterly.

As far as the current schedule goes, I would say the current pace is higher than normal. We’re looking at 8 tournaments in 8 weeks by the time April is over. My experience suggests a normal pace of 1 to 2 tournament per month.

If you are a VIP, I would strongly suggest using the VIP points to get to the diamond wheel each week.

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@Mary_Jo, @Andy_wan_kenobi is right, if you can purchase a gold VIP pack weekly you are better off doing the prize wheel through the diamond prize weekly first.

You need to do all of the first slot prize drops daily, the VIP slot (slot 4) and then 24 tickets of slot 2 between Wednesday and Thursday. If you do this you will spend about 1,050,000 Coin, 525,000 Food, 4,900 DNA, and 9,600 VIP points.
A gold pack is 10,000 VIP points plus the 1,300 credit so 8,700 VIP points, so they are fairly close. However what I have listed up above is what the cost is I generally end up with a net add to my resources of 6-7 million food, 3-5,000 DNA, a hand full of creatures, and some decorations.

Last week I ended up with the following:

  • -217,500 Coins
  • 7,385,000 Food
  • 3,180 DNA
  • -9,600 VIP
  • 1 Common (Pelecanimimus)
  • 3 Rares (Entelodon, 2 Andrewsarchus)
  • 1 Super Rare (Helicoprion)
  • 0 Legendary
  • 2 Tournament (Antarctopelta, Umoonasaurus)
  • 1 VIP Concavenator
  • 3 VIP Decorations (2 Sundials, 1 Wildlife Preservation)

My overall percentage of wins was the following across all of the entries, with the first row being the advertised chances and the second row being my cumulative for the week.

60.00% 34.00% 5.00% 1.00%
63.03% 32.73% 4.24% 0.00%

So the cost of the net -217,500 Coins and -9,600 VIP points I came out way ahead compared to purchasing a gold pack with no extraordinary wins in the lottery. If you throw in some actually good wins like a pack on one of the bigger wheels or extra VIP creatures the lottery is a must in my book.

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This brings to mind a question I’ve had lately. If you finish the diamond prize early, do you continue to spend the VIP points for the rest of the week?