Weekly Schedule - 5/13/2019 - 5/19/2019

No tournament next weekend. Marsupial lion unlock event starting tomorrow.

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Yup looks to be a quite week, which is a welcomed weekend free. It would have been nice for it to have coincided with Mother’s Day. I am guessing they will be releasing the update this week which might be why they have nothing scheduled to limit the issues while the update is released.

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No tournament, boss event or community event, very quiet week indeed. Excited to see the marsupial lion unlock since that’s one of the few cenos at that level I don’t have yet (passed up a trade for it, but was way too pricey for my liking) and pretty sure I’ll get a badge or two for earning it.

What’s the T-Rex throwdown? Haven’t seen that one before, or the Dino Preservation either. Oh, and another, Be the Underdog is new for me too.

cool, i only need three more lions to max out my level 30. plus, i have one lion waiting to start incubating, hopefully i can unlock it

Dino preservation is where you can’t let any of your creatures die during the battle, if my memory serves me correct.

I am not sure but I think the T-Rex throw down is where you fight T-Rexes.

Be the underdog I believe matches you up against a class disadvantage like you have to use Herbivores against Carnivores.

Again I am going off memory here and I am not sure on these.


Do you think the update will be the raptor paddock or the Dr Wu tease?

I don’t have too much of an opinion so long as we don’t get anothet Clash of the Titans reset like last time. I’m on 21 of 28 and wouldn’t be happy about starting over.

Good news: Marsupial Lion. I needed better snows.
Bad news: Dino preservation. Hate it.


That sounds about right to me, @Sionsith. Not a fan of the Preservation events

Well that doesn’t sound all that different from that Aquatic Wave thing. I guess I’ll have to see how it turns out but at least I won’t have to do it to get the Clash unlocked.

Yikes, hope the underdog thing isn’t Herbivores, at least not for the hardest one. I have a real dearth of herbs at the top that I’ve been trying to work on, but the one I’m hatching out is a tourny that will take 6 more days to complete.

I think they are one in the same, the Dr Wu piece will play out with what is gained in the new Raptor Paddock.

the aquatic wave is where you face up to nine creatures and you just need to have one standing at the end. The Dino preservation is a standard three on three battle but you have to have all three of your creatures still standing when all of your opponents are beat. For those of us that sacrifice play to set up the next creature with more reserve points, this battle is a completely different strategy and can be trying at times.


I understand the difference, but that’s what I mean, like the Wave you can’t use the typical strategy of sacrificing your first dino to build up reserve. Well, I guess theoretically you could do that with the Wave but it’d be pretty hard to get through all 9 if you sacrifice one right at the top.

Defense, swap, kill, defense, swap, kill, defense, swap, kill…all the day long

Yup it just takes longer and is not how I normally play. Which is good to mix it up every now and again.

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The irony is, I haven’t unlocked marsupial lion, but I managed to get a lv 40 from trades and prize wheels. So for me, at leas now I can buy it freely for if it gets a hybrid. And just sell the one i got from the pack for dino bucks.

But yeah, glad this weekend is much more quieter. Finally gives me time to focus on maxing out tournament creatures instead of getting more and more unlocked to max out.

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the event for the lion is a complete joke, as the last battle needed to unlock the pack has a super predictive and challenging AI. all i need is one more lion to max out the level 30 i have, guess i wont be getting it through this pack, back to praying the RNG gods on the prize wheels/gambling mechanics

What is your setup on the last battle? Looking at mine it is in line with all other Glacial Shift events over the last couple of months.

My battles were the following:
1: 20.51% disadvantage
2: 29.04% disadvantage
3: 21.66% disadvantage

The forums might be able to help if you can post a screen shot of what you are facing.

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That sounds similar to what I had. I typically put in a class that will force him to switch his first one out, use that first as a meat shield, and then base my other two on what that switch is going to result in. Sometimes will need to switch later in the battle depending on what he does, but didn’t have any trouble finishing the event without a loss. I do have well matched (AFS) animals from all 3 classes to work with at the top of my roster…not many, but enough. I definitely would have had trouble if that was not the case.