Weekly Schedule 5/16/2022-5/23/2022

Here is our new schedule for the week.

Interesting beginning with two days Aquatic and Cenozoic. Our tournament starts a day early this time, meaning a longer tournament… New Creature? Mmm… Which creature do you think it is? I hope the new update allows us to fight Boss to Boss this time. It’s good to see them build up the movie hype with a Silverscreen Worthy event. And, we get another Gen 2 battle. Finally, Segnosaurus with COT (no bugs this time please). No community event. Let’s party!


It’s a rocky environment so it’s either a cave ceno creature or a carnivore. Maybe an dominion dinosaur but it’s kinda early foe the new species so the only old creature from dominion would be blue and since we can get guest characters she could be possible


Synthetoceras yay, i really miss that guy!

Looks suspiciousl like the end of Fallen Kingdom…

Blue? Could it be?


i hope its her

Me too. Maybe we can get alloraptor then once allo gen 2 releases . I would rather have the canon spinoceratops than allosinosaurus (although we need another spino too but maybe the classic spino comes too)

i would be most happiest person for alloraptor in jwtg as i love allosaurus, - my top dino and still wait for gen 2 correct model and my second favorite dinos are raptors, so alloraptor was my dream hybrid.

  • alloraptor from blue can have nice blue color stripes or skin

It should be blue from dominion

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Pretty interesting

If it is, I will have to choose between grinding for COT and her :joy:

You get both here is enough time for CoT

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I’m not a daily grinder, and this weekend’s event will contribute towards COT

Have you still locked segno?

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Yeah Segno is still locked for me

tournament is I.Rex - well bit a dissapointment

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Its confirmed in - game ?


in that case i will rest and wait for next better tournament - no worth spent hours for tournament with a cheap normal legendary hybrid - what more - on unlocked one, already

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hello i’m back and it seems i’ve arrived at an eventful week


LAME. I’ll pass