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Weekly schedule 5/17/21 to 5/23/21

Vip tournament.

The modded rarity rubble, Cenozoic stampede and hybrid showdown are the special events for the anniversary I guess


beautiful week but I think the clash of titans creature is wrong


they did not reveal the COT winner but still cool week

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What is the Hybrid-Showdown?

Am I tripping or was Psephoderma not an unlock like a week ago?

Thank goodness I’m not a VIP, otherwise this would be a busy schedule for me.

I’ve got Aquatic Wave and Cenzoic charge to look forward to!

And finally Omega 09 yess-oh wait IT’S ON THE TOURNEY AND HYBRID SHOWDOWN!

I will be dreading Friday, Saturday and Sunday :tired_face:

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The last one was on the 26th of April

microposaure perfect and the hybrid showdown, I hope it is a hybrid pack, even common hybrid and I am happy!

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A new event for the anniversary.

Don’t expect seeing it often

Also the tournament might be the indominus rex one, anybody know the banner???
Edit it is the dinosaure teased, I am so dumb

Umm you didn’t edit

it just came to me as I was about to post it!!!
And I was too lazy to change it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I hope hybrid showdown will be a possibility to have a tourney hybrid or even a legendary hybrid


Friday Tourney is probably anky gen 2 (unless anky gen 2 isn’t a tournament creature) or monolophosaurus gen 2

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Monolophosaurus is a rare, not a tournament creature. And it was in the unlock rotation quite recently I think.

It will probably be that hybrid pack that starts with lots of super-rares and ends with a high chance of Alangasaurus or Labyrinthodontia. Just to be pessimistic.

Actually, it’s billed as a Rarity Rumble, so I expect the prizes are rare hybrids, which would be quite useful in comparison.


I want a carnoraptor and I wiil be happy


Sorry i meant monolophosaurus gen 2. Forgot to tip the gen 2


That would be neat. I hope i can win a yudon or a metriaphodon if they will be winnable. Well the gorgosuchus is a hint that limited hybrids could be a reward


Tourneys over tourneys… Jeezums. :sleepy: