Weekly Schedule - 5/18/2020 - 5/24/2020

Next week’s schedule. This tournament continues. And continues. And continues. This is Week 3 for the other part of the schedule.

Next weekend’s tournament will involve Rules of some sort. As @Sionsith said on the Facebook post, Rules Tournaments often expose holes in lineups. As this is the Memorial Day Weekend in the US, I would expect a 4 day, 4 hour (or longer) tournament, although I certainly won’t shed any tears to be incorrect.


For newer players, here are some examples of Rules that have been in play before.

Super-rare Aquatics
Rare only
Common and Rare only (also required Mods)
Level 11+ Carnivores
Carnivores and Herbivores only (twice)
Carnivores and Amphibians only
Level 11+ Jurassics

The presence of Rules has not historically impacted the cutoff for a Dominator finish. Depending on your lineup versus the Rules, you may find this tournament extremely easy or extremely difficult compared to standard tournaments


There are some previews available for upcoming events. Megalosaurus will be the featured creature for the June Clash of Titans. Velociraptor Gen 2 has its first ever unlock event


What day do we normally find out the rules?

Should it require mods, do they typically tell us earlier so we can stock up?

Possibly not until the tournament goes live


Well, if I’m unprepared, I guess I’ll look forward to a weekend off after this beat down of a grind tournament.

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FYI for folks with extra coins to burn:

While it looks like the same pack it is far from it when it comes to the resource cards.


I’m so excited for the gen 2 raptor and t rex unlocks!! I want the gen 2 indominus so bad. Gen 2 indoraptor is going to be killer

I just hope indo g2 here isn’t busted at the beginning as it was in jwa

In the past, we have known a tournament would be using mods ahead of time, those haven’t generally just been called “rules” tournaments. Rules usually implies some restriction in terms of the class/level/type of creatures used.

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The aquatic pack costs $38.98 in my currency if you buy it directly. However, if you were to purchase dinobucks with real money to buy the coins to buy the pack, it would cost you a whopping $320.07!

They are not the same packs. And I would never recommend someone using DB to purchase coins.


Insert jack sparrow:

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Maybe it’s a stupid question, but do we know by advance when are Hybrid DNA cost discounts ?

I am looking for buyng a 2nd Ostaposaure to evolve him to level 20 but he costs 31k of DNA … so its better to wait for an hybrid cost offer time

Yes we do…


We know the rules for this weekends tournament:


Which basically means, use all the pterosaurs you have!


Which also means that Zalmoxes is a part of the new hybrid to come. Something I don’t like because I like my lvl 40 Zalmoxes.