Weekly Schedule - 5/18/2020 - 5/24/2020

At least you have one! I do have it unlocked but would have to make one.

If this hybrid follows the pattern of the last few though, I won’t be in any rush to have it.

Pterosaurs and Amphibians only eh? Translation: Pterosaurs only :grinning:
Time to put my Metriaphodon Luftwaffe to use

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I’m gonna try to use one amphibian in the first slot as meat shield.

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Well, I’m glad I already have this unlock, because this will be interesting!

Yeah gorgos will hopefully be able to at least handle a hit or two from anything the AI puts in.

May be wishing I didn’t take so many of my ptero VIPs to lvl 30 but have some legendaries I have enough hatched out to create additional lvl 40’s with so hopefully those will help. As I recall, rules like this generally still require about the same AFS as typical, but with a lower trophy score to finish in Dominator.

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The trophy requirement is very similar Rules tournmanets compared to standard No Rules tournaments.

We only have data for two standard 3 day tournaments. The Amargasaurus Bracketed tournament of 3/4/19 required 1181 trophies, and the Gorgosuchus tournament of 3/25/19 required 1380 trophies.

Ceratosaurus (3/11/19, Rares Only, 3 days) - 1337
Lythronax (3/18/19, Carnivores and Herbivores, 3 days) - 1167
Proterogyrinus (5/6/19, Carnivores and Amphibians, 3 days) - 1175

For three day 4 hour Mods tournaments with no Rules, we have the Gigantophis tournament of 12/9/19 which required 1094 trophies

Acanthostega (7/22/19, Commons and Rares with Mods, 3 days 4 hours) - 1200

The 4 day 4 hour tournaments tend to range between 1500-1700 trophies, with a few outliers.

Erlikosaurus (9/23/19, Carnivores and Herbivores, 4 days 4 hours) - 1692
Secondontosaurus (10/26/19, Carnivores 11+, 4 days 4 hours) - 1385

We don’t have any comparable 4 day data

Woolly Mammoth (5/20/19, Jurassic 11+, 4 days) - 1556

There has not, as yet, been a Rules tournament without Mods with the standard time limit of 3 days, 4 hours

If your lineup can exploit the Rules, such as having lots of pterosaurs in this one, these tournaments can be easier than the standard ones. If not, good luck.

Since you don’t have to worry about having a disadvantage, you can get more victories with lower level creatures.


Yeah I guess that’s true about having a class advantage guaranteed.

I’m glad I’ve been hatching out so many of my legendaries the last month or so… but just realized I don’t have any food to level them up! Down to less than 1 mil due to taking pretty much any food offers I get, since typically I don’t use much of it, as I’ve been trying to fill out my paddocks for Code 19s. And now it seems those aren’t going to be fixed any day soon. I need a good coin to food offer to show up!


FYI @Ned and @Keith this video shows the Survival MOD bug where it crashes the game.


Chanya is really killing me! I’m trying to hang onto enough food to complete these couple of legendary pteros I have cooking right now for this rules tournament. And she offers me this?? How do I pass that kind of trade up?? (I couldn’t! Down to 5 mil of food again. ) She keeps offering me great coin to DNA offers too (this was followed by a 19 mil coin for nearly 6K in DNA!)


And here it is the new Hybrid, Zalmonodon ! I have to say that I like the name and I am expecting an impressive head crest at this creature.


It’s stats are… interesting


Finally a meatshield pterosaur! Now the only thing we need is a high attack amphibian…


I thought someone said that the gen2 t-rex (and raptor) are both unlocks?! Doesnt appear to be the case for me.

Ohhhh yeahhh!!! I appreciate that it’s the same price as an OG Rex. Now I just need to raptor unlock and I can fuse them!

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It didn’t unlock for you after you beat it?

The gen 2 dinosaurs are unlockable for players with 65+ level. What is yours?

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Yikes… im 57 :frowning:

The raptor gen 2 event also doesnt have an unlock sign on it - which prob means my level isnt high enough for that either

A bit unfair that…

Actually in the tournament I beat an all ptero team with a 10 and 20 diplocroc and a 10 gorgo, it was like Darwin, Zalmonodon (yes however stupid that is), and a suchoripterus

It was hard, but actually pretty fun