Weekly schedule 5/2/22 - 5/6/22

Hi all, Labyrinthodontia and Bonitasaura for the unlock week have been switched. Apologies


No problem! Thanks for letting us know!

Wow! 40% discount on the hatchery now!!! Awesome!

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Wow! Unfortunately I killed a lot of DBs on the ordinary hatching on Tuesday. Was it also double discount on hybrids yesterday?

Edit: 20% for non-VIPs. Now I have less than 1000 DBs left… ouch!

I see there are also 4 incubaters for fusing now. The 2nd opens for 50 DBs, the 3rd for 75 DBs and the 4th for 100 DBs.

Speed hatched a lot
I spent 700k dna and 90k db’s
For the next 6 months I will be fusing!

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Wow, big spender.

I spent 30k DB on mostly tournament Dinos.

I’m hoping for a big DNA discount, so I didn’t want to over do it.


Do you know if there was also double discount on hybrids yesterday?

I don’t think so.

More discounts today! This week seems as good, or better, than Christmas. I have to save up more DB and DNA to benefit from them!

I brought some tournament hybrids. In total I spent between 600K-700K DNA and about 15K DBs.


For Mothers Day, we have some additional Hot Times happening, Extra Fusion Lab Slots, and the Mystery Pack timer reduced from 6h to every 3h!.


What is the “World Event Classified Project”?

Passing message from MOTHERS: they say they would appreciate some additional discounts in jurassic market, so Ludia - it’s your turn! :star_struck:


oops, I see it now, just had not scrolled down far enough on the mission page

If anyone has not figured out the Decoration Event, you have to Activate the decorations for them to count. In the image below, the statue on the left counts while the one on the right does not

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$40 and walk away with a pair of super-rares? No way

Edit: just noticed the placeholder title and description. Awesome


Yeah I had meant to highlight that… :joy:


The decorations event doesn’t look like we will get the pack. Maybe they needed discounts on decorations too! I’m buying lots of Apato Fossils.

I tried to spam cheap decorations, but I gave up after several game crashes.