Weekly Schedule - 5/25/2020 - 5/31/2020

Next week’s schedule

There are a couple of special events celebrating Memorial Day and the anniversary of Jurassic Park.

We have two Community Events this week: collecting coins and feeding creatures. Be warned, depending on what the goal is, these could go quickly. They have in the past. You may want to have something ready to feed Wednesday morning when the event opens up just to be safe. Or, it could take the entire time. We shall see.

There is also the Velociraptor Gen 2 unlock and a bracketed tournament for the weekend.

Additionally, it is time to work toward the Megalosaurus Clash of Titans


I just wanted to say “Thank you” to everyone who voted for Megalosaurus. Pachy will probably be my first tournament hybrid.


i like the yudon it realy cool turnument hybrid

Ludia, why do you give us a Spinosaurus unlock again?! I just want to unlock the Utahraptor! Could you please let the players decide what they want to unlock, if we reach a certain level? I am level 84 and I am bored on unlocking some Dinos over and over again and not having the lower level stuff.


Me too. Im missing many common unlocks and a few rares.

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nononono dont make us unlock those aqain plese

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Big +1. I never got to unlock Utahraptor but have Spino unlocked already. I agree - higher level folks should get to choose if they want to unlock the higher or lower level Dino…

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So, instead you want to unlock the spino again? Your comment makes no sense.

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I seem to be about the only person who has the Utah unlock but not the Spino unlock, but I agree high-level players should get common/rare unlocks much more often. Just, ya know, no reason to change things around for this event. SUPERHYBRID #2 HERE I COME!


You must be a newer player as we’ve had this unlock pair for a couple of times the last few months. You just were a lower level to get the utahraptor.


Yeah! I got lucky and got Utahraptor and Bonitasaura unlocked. Spinosaurus unlock is tomorrow. I can participate in the Memorial Day Event and Welcome to Jurassic Park.

If you have not participated in the community event yet you better real soon…

How does the clash of titans work? I’m almost level 60 now.

You complete 28 events and battle for an unlock. You get 28 days to do it.

That was quick

Rapid. I am finally convinced that the bar is not filled by predetermined bots because I am sure people can burn coins really easily.

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For anyone who didn’t notice, card pack for 25million food. Is it worth it over a trade harbor trade? Or just at all?

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10 characters.


I actually talk about it in the video I posted right above your post @Timmah